Sometimes there are weekends…

Where it makes complete sense why some animal species eat their children.

If I was a tiger – I would have probably either neglected Sydney on Saturday evening around 6 PM or I would have just eaten her.

I had lofty hopes for this Royce-less weekend.  Saturday I had some errands I needed to run and figured the birthday party in the afternoon would make up for it and Sunday I planned to do something outside for Sydney to make up for errands on Saturday.  And then there was all the sewing I had planned to make a dent in during nap time and of an evening.


refusing to smile for Daddy

I’m not one to typically schlep her around running errands because I feel like it always ends badly but we had very few places to go and I had some good bribes lined up since we had to go to a toy store for a birthday present (good girls *may* get a toy at the toy store!!) and were going to be in the neck of the woods of the lone Dairy Queen (if you are good we can get ice-cream for lunch!!).  


Bringing in Daddy's paper

The AM started a bit rocky though, she must have been super constipated because during breakfast all she would talk about was poop and farts.  And then she proceeded to poop 3 times in an hour and each time was accompanied by horrendous screaming.  After all the poop was out (or so I thought) we went on our errand run, and she was doing perfectly up until we were getting in the car to head to DQ…then it all fell apart:

Me: Syd can you get in your car seat?
Syd: No.
Me: You’ve been such a good girl!  Do you want ice cream?
Syd: No.
Me:  If you get in  your car seat for Mommy we can go get ice cream!
Syd:  NO!

Ok then….well Mama wants ice cream so we are going to DQ and you can just pout through it for all I care!  So I ended up putting her in her car seat myself which pisses her off to high heaven, and drove to DQ with her screaming in the back “I waaannntttt iccceee creaaammmm!!!!!”.  Of course once we got to DQ she wouldn’t get out of the car.  Figuring today wasn’t the day to tempt CPS’s fate and leave her in the car while I ran in I took her out myself (if me putting her in the car seat pisses her off imagine what me taking her out does — MAJOR volition of toddler freedom rights — which leads to arching back and more screaming).  Like a potato sack I carried her into DQ sat the pouty thing on the counter and ordered myself my treat to-go and off we went.

That afternoon, she was cranky at the birthday party, but tolerable, but by the time we got home I guess she had held it together enough for public display to let it all go.  We had tantrums over balloons (I’m still not sure if she wanted them or didn’t want them…it’s hard to know when you ask questions and the only response you get is “No!”), stickers, games and then there were two more poops.  I tallied it up at the end of the day – 5 poops and 5 tantrums.  Rockin’ day.  The little tyrant had me in tears at 6:30 PM.  There is only so much one person can handle.

Sunday wasn’t much better but it was filled with less poop.  I met a friend and her two kids at a neighborhood park and it started off with good solid play at the park and then Sydney wanted to ride the horseys (carousel) and choo-choo (train)…so we did, but Sydney wanted to ride them AT THAT MOMENT.  She didn’t want to wait to walk to the carousel or the choo-choo and she absolutely did NOT want to wait for mommy to buy tickets.  Once on the carousel she didn’t like it so I had to hold her (always fun when this pregnant especially when going round in circles – I nearly passed out) and once on the train she didn’t want to leave.  And of course she wouldn’t get in her car seat.  And then we had a fight over if she wanted or didn’t want (again…still confused) the cereal I offered to her:

Me: “Syd do you want your cereal?”
Syd:  “NO”
Syd:  “Mee wanttt cerrrealll!!!”
Me (driving): turns to give cereal
Me (driving): turns back around puts cereal back
Syd:  “Meeee waaannttnt cereeaalll!”
Me (driving): turns to give cereal

For the remainder of that drive she just screamed about cereal.  It was awesome.  Then there was the fit after lunch over not being able to put her jacket on by herself accompanied by refusing help from Mommy, so Mommy decided to take a picture instead.


The "Jacket fit" (notice the vest is on inside out - I had given up at this point)

And then there was the ride home from lunch where she screamed that she wanted her window rolled up…and when I rolled it up, she screamed she wanted it down.  And then she didn’t want to walk into the house and then she was mad I left her outside with the screen door shut, but then when I let her in she screamed that she wanted out.  Today she had me in tears at 1:20 PM – a new record!


The "I don't want to walk inside fit".

In her defense, after the world’s shortest nap (which also made me a bit teary in a panicky way) she was quite pleasant this afternoon.  We made granola bars together, she sat on the potty and read some books and my friend Ashley invited us over for dinner as well.  She played nicely with Ashley’s daughter Stella and was a well-behaved dinner companion.

The only sewing I got done was the baby’s crib skirt so her crib is nearly complete minus the bumper which still needs some hand-sewing attention.  Out of my list of 10 or so things to sew, getting only 1 done seems so underwhelming but I’ve had a rough go at single-motherhood so bedtime had been early and I didn’t care skip nap time either.

I’m looking forward to a nice quiet day at the office tomorrow.  Many are on leave because of spring break so it will be nice to shut the door and just work. Royce will be back on Tuesday night but late enough to not be of any help with Sydney so I only have two more nights to survive.  Wish me luck.


  1. Got to love two year olds LOL

  2. I’m sorry, I really do feel bad for you, but I had to laugh when I was reading this. I’ve had those conversations with Jake so many times over the last year. He throws a fit wanting something, and then when I get it for him, he throws a fit wanting me to take it away. With him, it is almost always linked to teething pain, lack of sleep, or being jealous of Naomi. Thankfully he’s done teething, and we’re adjusted to the time change now and have been better about getting him to bed early. The jealousy comes and goes, though. He recently finished a jealous stage that had lasted about 2 months. He is now a much more pleasant little person!

    Good luck! Hope this difficult stage is over soon!

    • I probably would have been laughing too if:
      1) Royce wasn’t on vacation
      2) I could drink more than a glass of wine after I put the monster to bed
      3) Royce hadn’t been scheduled to work the weekend prior and the weekend after this vacation of his.

      Haven’t figured out what makes Syd this way other than the stars aligning ‘just so’. God knows she gets enough rest and doesn’t have anything to really be jealous of (yet). Another of my friends with son born a week before Syd also had an excruciating weekend so maybe it was just a bad weekend for babies born in November 2009. : D


  1. […] pray to whatever higher being you believe in (or just to the toddler-Gods) that Ingrid isn’t as bad as Sydney was the other time Royce went on his spring break trip. […]

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