With only 7-weeks left I’ve got a lot on my to-do list.  Most of it is sewing, some of it is boring (taxes).  None of this *has* (well except the taxes) to be done before baby arrives but lets just say life would be easier if finishing touches were done-diddly-done and my spare time could be spent outside in my rocking chair with my new babe, and not in front of my Bernina or at Home Depot picking out a carpet remnant.

Of course with the new room came a few new projects.  I don’t like the yellow I picked for the walls (too bright, doesn’t complement the fabrics/furniture) so I’m having Royce re-paint these two walls gray so the entire room will be one color.  And the sun shines nice and bright through the windows at nap time (unlike her old room) so I need to make drapes to help block out some of that light.  Also the book shelf doesn’t fit on the wall we want it to fit, and nothing else does either, so instead of buying new shelves I’ve decided we are just are going to trim down the shelves of the current book shelf (god love the simplicity of Ikea styling).  These are all on Royce’s to-do list since they involve toxins and power tools (not that I don’t enjoy power tools they are just a little hard for me to yield with my belly).

Since Royce got the baby’s crib up yesterday I can finally get to sewing the crib skirt. The two window valances are sewn, I just need Royce to make something for me to staple them onto and then mount them to the walls.  I’m waiting for more fabric to arrive so I can sew the dresser runner and maybe some basket liners.  I still need to sew the bumper pads into the bumper, which is painstakingly done by hand so I’ve been dragging my feet — last time around I was spoiled and my Mom sewed up Syd’s when she was visiting for my baby shower.  The glider also could use a new facelift so I’m thinking about making a slip cover from a tutorial I found online. And then there are the walls which are still naked.  I have the Benton prints in hand I just need to frame them and I also plan to frame the butterfly prints from my charm pack for one wall I just need to go buy some square frames!

In addition to all this room sewing I’ve got a list of stuff I want to make for Sydney as well.  For her big sister gifts I’m making her a doll carrier so she can carry her doll just like I carry my baby and then I’m also going to whip up a little swaddle sack for her baby as well from a tutorial I found online.  I would also like to make her another ice-cream dress for an Easter lunch and egg hunt we are going to with neighborhood friends.  And there are some circle skirts I need to put together from some half-yards I ordered so that she has some new things to wear now that the weather is getting warmer.

I could go on…my sewing list is really endless, it’s time that isn’t.

Royce leaves on his annual mountain biking trip on Friday and will be gone for 5-days so I’ll have plenty of time to fiddle with much of this.  Assuming I have energy after working all day and chasing Syd all night while 8+ months pregnant.  I’ve noticed my naps are getting longer and my mornings getting slower.  Since prepping/cutting is my rate limiting step to most projects I do have many of the above all ready cut out so they are just waiting for ‘action’. I’m hoping that will motivate even the most tired of Mama’s.

For those of you who have read this far you get a belly shot for your viewing pleasure!  The other day the sun was streaming just so into our bedroom and my profile was a bit astonishing.




  1. Lookin’ good! Looks like your belly is bigger than last time around. It seems like mine was too even though Naomi was actually smaller than Jacob. Seeing is a great thing to do with husband-free time!

    • I’m actually measuring and weighing smaller…not the most flattering picture style I know! Ah well, it is what it is.

  2. happy sewing… and, i love the picture–so cool. i can’t believe you only have 8 weeks to go.


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