Big girl room!

We successfully moved Syd last weekend into her ‘new’ big girl room (the largest bedroom in the house!).


big girl in big bed

It was a process; small houses have small awkward hallways so there was a lot of disassembling and re-assembling and moving this way and that to get things from one room to another.  She seems to enjoy her new room though and her new big-girl bed even more!


'helping' move books

We didn’t have a single problem with moving her (although we talked it up pretty good weeks before hand) and even though she can now get in and out of her bed on her own, she still waits for us to come get her each morning and after each nap.


even her baby bed has matching bedding

I figured matching bedding for her baby dolls bed would be something fun to help the transition and for her to ‘set up’ while we were moving her. I made the blanket from scraps and also sewed a little pillow and mattress as well. She was pretty tickled with it all.


  1. Sounds like her transition was the same as Jake’s — easy peasy! Makes me wonder if that has something to do with keeping them in a crib until they’re a bit older (if it’s possible of course). The routine is already so established that it doesn’t phase them.

    Jake also doesn’t get up on his own — just calls and waits until i come get him. He and Syd will make great roommates in NC this summer! Each hollering for mom!

  2. Well Syd doesn’t holler for me…and I hope she doesn’t learn that from Jake considering someday she will be sharing a room. No need for hollering to wake up baby (or Daddy for that matter who sleeps late because of his schedule!). : )

    • Unfortunately I can make no promises! He doesn’t start calling for me until he’s been up for at least 30-45 minutes though. Sometimes longer.

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