31 weeks

I’m starting to feel (and look) larger in many ways…belly but most of all boobs. I know TMI…but they are clown-sized at this point they don’t fit into many shirts.  For some baffling reason most maternity top styling contains an empire waist; even when it doesn’t have to be (like for a fitted knit shirt).  With my clown-sized ‘rack’  the empire line typically sits mid nipple for me; not flattering.  So either my boobs are oddly placed (really if they got any higher on my torso I wouldn’t be able to breathe) or all maternity clothes are drafted for women blessed with small boobies.  It’s depressing really…it’s hard enough to find clothing when pregnant but to be limited based on a stupid styling motif is even more frustrating.

Other than wardrobe dilemma’s I’m still feeling OK…getting more tired; and definitely have to pee more often, but that’s to be expected.  I’ve been having some problems lately with pain in my pubic symphysis, but I’m working on some things thanks to my yoga teacher.  I hope it gets resolved since feeling like you may split in two down there at any moment when standing is not all that comfortable.

At 30-weeks we had a sonogram and baby has turned so is finally head down (yay!) and since she was measuring ‘small’ at that ultrasound I had a follow-up with Maternal Fetal today for another.  Nothing like seeing babe once a week!  Love technology.  She measured fine at this sono and is still resting nicely head down atop my cervix (may be contributing to the pain down there?) so there is nothing to worry about.  Not that a small baby is something that concerns me considering what is going to happen in about 9 weeks or so…

This Sunday we will be moving Sydney into her new ‘big girl room’ and will also be converting her crib into a toddler bed.  Wish us luck!



  1. Good luck Sydney! Hope it goes very smoothly for you guys and that she loves her big-girl bed.

    You’re right, nothing wrong with little babies! My grandma (who had 9) would always say, “More room out than in!” So I, like my grandma, had my babies small and then grew them up big! Naomi was almost 1/2 pound smaller than Jake (who was also small), even though second babies are “supposed” to be bigger. Considering how she came out, that didn’t bother me at all!

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