Because it’s fun to document the insanity

Syd will turn 2 years 4 months this month and since she was about 20 months or so we have been on pretty good footing with her. She has been typically a sheer delight to be around, gets a bit crabby when sick (who doesn’t?) but for the most part has been pretty good. Knowing from books, and other friends with kids, I knew this would be short-lived. A few months of good kid are usually followed by a few months of bad kid (typically 6 month cycles). The past few weeks we have hit our first few tastes of bad kid.

NO! has been a repeated word and is her response for practically everything you ask her to do.  Bribes help, but it’s getting old. When you get home, one should get out of the car and come inside…and it shouldn’t be a 15 min process. You shouldn’t dilly dally so long your pregnant Mom nearly pees herself in the garage while waiting for you to point to every object in the car asking “whas this?” and repeating “NO” a bazillion times when requested to slide down and come along.  Some may say…”then why don’t you just pick her up and take her out of the car and carry her inside?”. Some days I do resort to this, but usually my hands are full so I can’t pick her up, it’s also getting harder to lift her with my belly, and she is more than capable of doing all of this by herself.  Not to mention when I do resort to altering her ‘independence’ by picking her up, it typically results in our next fun development…long drawn out dramatic tantrums…

Which brings me to my next topic. In addition to this outright defiance we receive from her on a daily basis she has started throwing tantrums over situations that are just plain comical.  And the tantrums are getting longer and eons more dramatic.  Usually she would just cry for a few mins and be done with it, move on, play with something else. But now they can last for hours.  Like lasts nights where she sat in the corner and cried for the entirety of dinner over our insane request that she wash her hands before coming to the table like she does every night.  These were the reasons for the tantrums we had yesterday:

  1. successfully put her back pack on by herself after a struggle
  2. tried to pick up a brand new gallon sized paint can and couldn’t lift it
  3. had to get out-of-the-way when daddy was moving a 6+ foot tall wardrobe
  4. Mommy wouldn’t allow her to push her mail cart down a flight of stairs by herself
  5. didn’t want to wash hands before dinner

I could give in to the tantrums that wouldn’t result in harm but looking at the list from yesterday there isn’t much I can do about #1 (even I was baffled at that one) or #2.  Numbers 3 and 4 would have ultimately resulted in her own harm (and probably a trip to the ER for #4), so that leaves #5….could I have let her just come to dinner without washing her hands and saved myself and Royce from being serenaded by screams while we ate?  Sure…but then she wins, and this stage she is going through is all about testing and understanding her limits, and ours, so clear territories need to be demarcated so there is no confusion.  I like to think of it as a War for Sanity.

The one solace I have is I know when we get through this stage in 4 or 5 months from now (since this baby is coming in May I really hope she can get it together a bit before then!) we will be greeted with good kid again and we all can recover and recoup to get ready for our next bad-kid cycle.

I just wish I had the option of enjoying a stiff nightly cocktail right now to recover and recoup after days like yesterday.


  1. I have nothing to offer other than it sounds like I’m reading about Jake. Tantrums over nothing and everything. Yesterday he was great for a few hours and then threw fits because (1) his sister woke up from her nap, (2) he had to get dressed, (3) I changed his poopy diaper, (4) I kept him from running his cart into people at TJ’s, (5) we ate dinner, (6) I ended his bath when his sole aim became to get me and Naomi as wet as possible.

    I’m also assured that it eventually will pass. And there are days when I get my sweet, delightful boy back. I’m just very glad that his hit when I was no longer pregnant so that I can (and do) have a stiff drink at the end of the day!

    Good luck — we’re in it together!

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