29 weeks (and panicking)

One thing that is noticeably different about a second pregnancy is that you don’t pay attention to much. Unlike my first pregnancy where I dutifully read each months chapter in “What to Expect When You are Expecting” I haven’t even opened the book this time around. I did set up the weekly emails from babycenter.com but outside of seeing what food object Baby #2 is for size comparisons I really don’t read the rest of the email.

This week my email reminded me I’m at 29 weeks, baby is the size of a butternut squash* and there are 11 weeks to go.

11 weeks to go!  Aaaaahhh!  That means next week there are 10 weeks, and then we are in single digits.  Did I say Aaaahhh???

I have a lot to do in 11 weeks. Most notably get Syd into her new room.  But to do that it needs to get painted, and in order to do that I need to get all the crap that’s in that room out of that room.  And then we need to move all her stuff into the new room.  Did I mention I still haven’t finished sewing the bedding?  I do have 5 crib sheets made, washed, and folded. And I’ll finish up her crib skirt this weekend.  So I’m not too terribly behind on this project but there is still lots to do (like little sisters bumpers, crib skirt and 2 window valances).

The good news is that next week we are getting new windows put into the new room (and Syds current room for that matter) which makes our window replacement project 99.9% done (yay!).  The painter will start next week too.  In addition to painting the girls’ room we are having him re-paint our living room and we are also having crown molding put up in the living room.

Did I mention our back yard is a disaster too?

11-weeks.  Aaaaahhh!

My wise friend Ashley told me to think of it as “almost 3 months” as that makes it sound like I have more time.  I think that’s a grand idea.

Panic averted.

* if baby is the size of a butternut squash why the hell have I gained 10+ lbs? Butternut squashes don’t weigh 10 lbs…well maybe state-fair worthy squashes. But still…in addition to telling us the current weight of baby (2.5 lbs) they should really calculate the rest of the crap we are carrying around to make us feel better about the weight discrepancies no?


  1. Hugs to you. Don’t panic. In the grand scheme of things, really, it’s not a lot of stuff and the way you work, you’ll have all that stuff done in no time. And maybe you just get it done just enough to be liveable and do the rest later. Poor Vincent’s room never really got finished (I look at Syd’s nursery and laugh because you did so much work in there), and you know what…we barely spend any time in there and he doesn’t care. As long as things are functional I say, the rest can be done later. What are you doing to your backyard? I wish I had money to throw at my backyard…or just my yard in general.

    • I mostly just want to get Syd settled. I’ve given up on getting art on the walls etc etc as being ‘settled’ but paint, toddler bed conversion and bedding would be nice for the ‘settling’ part.

      That’s funny you never used your nursery…I felt like I spent 80% of Syds first year in her nursery between night awakenings, and feedings (she would only nurse in quiet un-distracted locations so the nursery was where I was trapped). Sitting there for so much of that first year there was a few times Royce and I mentioned between us that we sure were glad it was a cozy room. Even now she does play in there with her dolls and we hang some of her artwork from school in there too so she will go in there and look at that. And her room has all her books…and she loves her books!

      Our back yard was a vast wasteland of tiered landscaped beds full mulch, azaleas and weeds. I guess a gardener would find it beautiful, we found it a hassle. We are transforming it into a usable space for the kidlings complete with grass (gasp!).

  2. You reminded me that I have 11 weeks to plan a first birthday party! Though I’ll probably wait until the week before for that 🙂

    I’m sure you will get everything done enough in plenty of time. Good luck with the toddler bed conversion. I’m happy to say that Jake’s conversion went off without a hitch and he loves his “big-boy bed.” He doesn’t even get out and wander the house when he wakes up in the morning — just lies in bed playing and waiting for me to come get him. It’s like he’s in a crib without the sides. Hope your transition goes as smoothly!

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