Potty training :: 1

I’m sure this will be a series of posts so I’m just going to start at 1.

We are trying to get Syd potty trained before baby #2 arrives in May. By then Syd will almost be 2.5 years and even if she regresses, which I expect, it will still be easier to retrain than train once baby is here.

Thankfully our daycare is also involved in the process as well. The class she is in now requires pull-ups and they work on teaching the children to pull their pants up and down on their own and they also have kiddy potties for them to use too. Three months before she turns three they will require her to wear normal underpants. Sort of a sink or swim mentality but supposedly it works per the other parents who have children at the same center.

Syd has successfully pooped in the potty at daycare twice now. The first time they sent home this little note that was so cute I nearly burst and Syd was so proud of herself!


We haven’t had success at home. She will sit on the potty while we fill up the bath tub each night but that’s about it. We tried bribing her with candy since she announces when she is going to poop, but so far she usually just throws a fit and wants the candy without going in her potty.

The other day she came to Royce and said “I poop over there (points to a corner)…candy?”. Not quite sweetie…almost…we will get there!


  1. Good luck! I’ll be interested to read about your progress. We haven’t really even tried with Jake — he is SOOOO not interested! The most we can get him to do at home is sit on the potty buck naked while I’m drawing his bath, but he has never done a thing in it. I’m still holding out hope that sometime this spring he will suddenly decide that he’s ready and we’ll be able to potty train. It will be so nice to have one kid out of diapers!

  2. That is sweet Syd told Royce where she went poop. Tait just walks off to a corner usually. We are trying to potty train too. Tait is good about wearing her “big girl panties” and going , but Rian has little interest. Good luck!

    • That’s so interesting that they even potty train at different paces. Goes to show you much of this is up to the kid, not the training method and/or parent!

  3. That is too funny about Syd requesting candy for going in her diaper šŸ™‚ I fear Liam will be wearing diapers to kindergarten at the rate we’re going. But I figure if my stubborn niece learned it before she turned 4, then surely Liam will. I’m sure Syd will, too!

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