Week 27

It’s been a rough week, no doubt about it.  This baby went from soccer star to lounging lazy overnight and has maintained a serious level of stillness despite me pumping myself (and her) with orange juice and sweet tarts.  I noticed on Tuesday that she had been eerily quiet.  So I did as most OB’s will tell you to do; drink some juice, find a quiet spot and lay still; to see if I could encourage any movement.  There was some, but it was sporadic and fleeting and definitely not as definitive as what I was feeling the week prior (repeated jabs, flips, pokes).  So then I started jabbing and poking her and didn’t get much in return.

I lost sleep, I couldn’t focus at work.  The one friend I confided in told me to just go to the OB to get some peace of mind, but since I had an appointment today (Friday) I figured I could just wait; a cowardly tactic to delay since my ability to deal with a ‘certain scenario’ was minimal.

The 28-week doctors appointment today went well.  I mentioned all of the above to the OB and I don’t think I’ve ever been more relived to hear a heartbeat before with that little exam room heart-rate thingy.  She also wanted me to get a sonogram to make sure fluid levels were OK, so after my blood work for the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test we went in to see the sonographer.  As I had suspected, the placenta is anterior (between my belly and the baby) which is muffling my ability to feel many kicks or jabs like I did with Sydney.  But this baby was also extremely docile.  Even after chugging that gulcola beverage she was languid lazy with only two subtle movements over a 20-min sonogram where we poked her and turned me.  It was nice to get visual and audio confirmation that everything is OK but I would still prefer to be able to feel more, but I may not get that with the anterior placenta.  A friend who had an anterior placenta with her first pregnancy said she never felt much more than what she described as thumps and gas bubbles and that her husband was never able to feel anything.  This is quite the antitheses of my pregnancy with Syd were not only could I feel her stretch and poke…people sitting across the table could sometimes see it.

I’ll have another sonogram to check growth at 30-weeks which I’m sure I’ll be actively anticipating if activity levels don’t pick up soon.  I also hope that she goes from this cozy lateral position and finds her way head down.

To add to this stress I am also getting over pregnancy cold #3 which manifested its peak symptoms in me on Sunday.  Sydney was at her worst on Saturday I think.  I don’t plan on ever having to go through another pregnancy, but if I do I’m renting a toddler-free, ER doctor-free condo to live in for 9 months.  With 12 or so weeks left, I’m certain there is still time for my little germ carriers to bring something else home to afflict me.

After this week of baby stress and a cranky sick Syd, I’m really looking forward to our little mini get-away this Sunday.  We leave for Sarasota so Royce can attend a CME conference and I can sit and do nothing.  We will get a little beach time in, and some golf and a few nice dinners out.  This will probably be our last vacation for a while so I’ll be sure to enjoy every moment.

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