What’s going on in there?

Baby Girl has been a squirmy goose this week. Unlike my last pregnancy were I got ultrasounds every other week for what seemed like the entire pregnancy…I haven’t seen her since week 20. Now that I’m at week 26 each time I feel her move I’m curious what she is doing in there; which way she is facing?, what’s poking me?. I sometimes wish my belly was transparent so I could lift up my shirt and see. Yesterday we had a fun poking game going on while I was listening to an Advisory Committee online. She would poke me, I would poke her, she would poke back… Was it a hand? elbow? foot? Who knows! I don’t even know if she is head down. At 20 weeks she was lateral. I hope since then she has found the right direction. I have an unreasonable assumption she is breech which will require me to have a c-section and I would prefer to just birth this one the same way I birthed Syd (yes even if that means no drugs) to avoid screwing up my abdomen as well as what’s already been damaged from birth #1. My next sonogram is at 30 weeks, so I’ll find out my fate soon enough.

I haven’t had many cravings this pregnancy which is strange. I remember with Syd I couldn’t get enough milk, but this time around nothing in particular has been driving my eating. Honestly I haven’t been that hungry and coming up with our weekly dinners for our menu has been a constant struggle this time around. Many of the nights when Royce is working Syd and I just eat a bowl of cereal cause it’s all I can think of and she miraculously loves to eat cereal (I think the novelty of it is fun for her). However, I’ll rarely turn down these few items: milkshakes, Oreos, dried fruit, orange juice and grapefruit. I almost always start my day with a small glass of orange juice and eat a grapefruit at some point during my day. The milkshakes are an occasional weekly treat (Potbelly’s are my favorite) and Oreo’s are a frequent nightly treat but some nights that is substituted with a glass of wine.

Hopefully one of these nights I can remember to pull out my camera for some belly shots to document this one before my time is up!


  1. Feeling the baby move is one of the things I loved best about pregnancy! Happy to hear you’re feeling well.

  2. You still have plenty of time. As I recall, Naomi was still lateral at 26 weeks and I know she was still breech at 20. But she turned in plenty of time,

    Having experienced both, I definitely would *not* recommend a C-section if you can avoid it. I’ll take the urinary incontinence of a vaginal delivery over everything associated with a C-section and major abdominal surgery any day!

    But I would *highly* recommend an epidural 🙂

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