Final girls’ room fabrics

After what seems like over a month of agonizing I finally decided on fabrics for the girls’ room.  I started off with color palates of red & aqua, then moved to yellow & gray (while dabbling in red & gray), and finally decided on gray & aqua after discovering that ‘aha!’ print that allowed me to bring all the colors together.

Rashida Coleman Hale Collection: Washi, Petals and Leaves in Grey

I really struggled finding that print that I could use to inspire the rest of the room.  But once I ordered a swatch I knew this was my fabric.  And how lucky of me, it coordinated perfectly with all of the aqua prints from Moda’s Half Moon Modern line!  I’ll be using all of the prints from this line (except the scissors) as crib sheets and the Big Dots (top fabric in below image) will be coordinated with the Washi print above along with a little bit of solid white for the bed skirts and valances.

Moda: Half Moon Modern, Aqua

For the baby’s bumper I’ll do one side with Washi and one side with the Big Dots (the baby should like looking at that contrast pattern!).  Some of the 10×10 inch squares I have from my Half Moon Modern charm pack I ordered may also end up framed on the wall… especially the ones with butterflies on them.

I put the orders for all the fabrics in today.  Seems like I’m ordering a lot…but I have to remember I’ve got 2 beds to sew for and an extra window too.  I couldn’t find one online store that carried all the fabrics I needed so I ended up ordering online from three separate merchants…I just hope they all have in stock what I ordered!   I will be using the same patterns that I used for Syds room, familiarity is speedier than re-designing a pattern.  You can see some of the other idea’s I have for the room on the new and improved pin board here.

I’ve got a couple more art museums to contact before I give up and order some of these Thomas Hart Benton book prints off of eBay.  Not ideal, but at least one small wall will have some thematic art from Mama’s home state.


  1. […] satisfy my vision and create flexibility (the bumper is reversible).  The fabrics came from Rashida Coleman Hale’s Washi Collection and Moda’s Half Moon Modern […]

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