Weekend cozy

One of the habits we have gotten into on at least one of our weekend mornings is to make ‘cake-cakes’…more commonly known as pancakes.


Patiently waiting

Syd likes to sit up on the counter and ‘help’.  She actually does a good job of mixing the dry ingredients for us without spilling.  This is her usual perch these days for when I’m prepping or baking.  She spent a lot of time up there around the holidays!


Helping mix



Thankfully she is well-behaved and lets me know when she wants ‘down’ instead of squirming around and putting herself in the precarious position to fall.



For those who are interested we make our cake-cakes from scratch using that King Arthur Flour recipe book featured in the photos as Syd’s footrest and bowl rest. They do have it online though…it’s super yummy…you will never go back to a boxed mix again!


  1. I like the King Arthur Flour recipe — very tasty! We usually use box mix right now since Naomi is still too young to “help” and it can get a bit crazy trying to make sure both kids are taken care of in the mornings. By summer or fall she should be able to stand up there with us though and I can go back to making more stuff from scratch. Jake loves helping me bake, too!

    • I don’t remember Syd being that helpful at Naomi’s age either. : D
      I guess you could measure out all the dry ingredients the night before so they are just ready to dump in…similar to a boxed mix. I’m sure my baking will take a steady decline come May. At least I know eventually it does get better!

      • It definitely does get better. It seems that with each stage/advancement it’s getting easier. First, things got easier once we were past the newborn stage, then when her naps started to become more regular and predictable, then when she dropped her third nap (though you said Syd never took a third nap so maybe you can skip that one!), then when she started eating less frequently, then when she started solids, etc.

        The ones I’m really looking forward to now is when she drops her morning nap and when I can finally wean her off the bottle and she can eat normal meals and whole milk! Only 2-3 months to go!

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