Syd the amazing

All parents think their kids are amazing and we are not one to quibble about that.  Although we probably publicly brag much less than most parents, it is nice to track some of the development stuff, but I really don’t pay attention to where she is on the development timeline anymore as much as I probably should.

I have noticed lately that her language development has really grown to the point where she has been using simple sentences.  At around 22 months she had many commands down “Mama sit there”, “Daddy sit there”.  But now she is able to string along more words to get her point across.  A welcome addition to many of her commands now is “please” and more often than not we don’t even have to prompt her to say it.  Just yesterday morning she was eating breakfast and said “More juice please” followed by “My stomach hurts” — a huge development for any parent trying to guess their child’s pain and discomfort!  Of course there are somethings she says because we say them so often like “No barking Charlie!” which she will now shout each time Charlie barks.  Too bad he doesn’t listen to her either.

This weekend she killed me when she woke up from her nap and asked for her horsey’s (these two misfit Ikea horses we bought at some point when we were in the apartment together as ‘decoration’) which are up on a high shelf in her room.  Immediately she took the orange one and put him in the corner in the kitchen. She then turned to me and said confidently “Horsey time out.  Bad horsey”.

Only Syd knows what Horsey did.

She has also been singing to herself which is about the cutest thing in the world.  Her favorite are the ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle, and Ba-ba black sheep, among others.  Sometimes when I’m driving I’ll look back and see her doing the arm motions to Wheels on the bus while softly singing to herself.  Always makes me smile…


  1. That is so funny! She is such a motherly little thing–so different from Jake. I read about the things she does and wonder if Naomi will do these things.

    The language development is such a wonderful thing. It’s so much easier now that Jake can tell us what he wants. I hear “I’ll be right back” all the time lately since that’s what I say a lot. They’re such little parrots!

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