New Crib

Since we had some down time and nothing better on our to-do list we got the job of buying baby girl’s crib done today.

We went with a very plain crib that will sort-of coordinate with Syd’s crib and furniture.  Although a different brand than hers the simple line and square edging will be a decent match.  Since Syd’s crib will eventually turn into a double bed, which will eventually end up as a guest room bed along with her dresser, this will be the crib we keep for (hopefully someday!) grand-kids so we were looking for classic sturdy simple.  This will also turn into a toddler day-bed although, the plan is to get all new matching ‘big girl’ furniture for both girls when Syd outgrows her toddler bed.  Therefore, baby-girl will more than likely transition straight from crib to a twin bed.

Bonavita Peyton Classic Crib

Although pictured here in Espresso, ours will be in the Chocolate finish which won’t match perfectly to Syds existing furniture but it will be close enough!

Our hope is to get the new room painted after Royce’s mother and sister visit in February.  This way we can move Sydney into it and get her acclimated a bit.  I for one can’t wait because currently my sewing room is smack below Syds room and she can hear every sniffle and pin drop.  Drives me nuts that some days when her nap is going on 3+ hours I’m scared to sew for fear of waking her up!  All that glorious time – wasted.

I’ve also made some progress on the design of the new “Girls room” (it seems so strange to call it that!).  I’ve ordered a half-yards of the fabrics I’m leaning towards before I make my final decision and order.  But the prints and for the most part the color theme have been chosen.  You can check out my options on Pinterest.


  1. Good call moving her early. At least I assume good call. We moved Jake’s room in January before Naomi was born in March since everything I had read said to move early so there were no associations, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, we had no issues with the room change. Issues with other things once she arrived, yes, but not with that.

    And I like the crib. Very classic.

  2. Or May. Since that’s when she was actually born. Boy it must be late!

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