Holiday handmaking

With all of our holidays at home this year I had a lot of down time to work on some projects for Sydney.

A few were done before Christmas so that Sydney could have a little handmade something for her day.  First up was a little apron. She really was intrigued by Mommy’s “dress” that I wore while prepping everything at Thanksgiving. Since she was getting a play kitchen from Grandma and is always in the kitchen ‘helping’ these days, a Sydney specific apron was on order.


Sydney's apron

I found this free pattern from Sew Liberated and even though it is sized for a 3+  year old with some modifications it fits Sydney just fine. I added the pocket detailing (every apron needs a pocket for a kleenex!) and the rick-rack to spice it up.  I must say this is a very thoughtful apron pattern – the elastic at the neck and the velcro at the waist allow for the child to put it on by themselves (Syd needs some help but she is 2 afterall).


elastic neck

Both fabrics are from Michael Miller. The front of the apron is Sweet Bakers Home from a random Michael Miller half-yard assortment that I ordered to stash build from (amazingly there is another kitschy kitchen print that I can use to make another apron for another little girl someday too!). Although the pattern doesn’t call for contrasting fabric for the lining, the Michael Miller teal Dumb Dot I had in my stash coordinated so perfectly I couldn’t resist.


Velcro waist with contrasting lining

Like I said earlier, this pattern is for an older toddler so it didn’t fit Sydney that great. After I was finished with the garment (and after I took photos) I folded under part of the neck strap to the wrong side and tacked it down to make the neck opening smaller. And I did the same for the waist band on the non-velcro side. All of these tacks can be removed later as she grows to reveal the full length of the straps; much easier than making another apron!

Also for Christmas I made Sydney some mittens from my Oliver & S “Little things to Sew” book. This is the second project I have completed from this book. They went together super fast and should last through a few winters…assuming we don’t lose them…  but if we do I have plenty of the felted wool in my sewing room to make a new pair!


See that mitten she has on...ya I didn't think so...a better picture is coming soon (when said mittens return from day-care)

Last but not least over the Christmas and New Years break I had lots of downtime to make Sydney a new dress.


Hippy or not she is still cute!

I used Simplicity #2320 and boy was it a pain in the *ss to make. That yoke — ya — lots of ripped stitches and cuss words were flying. After that part was done though the rest of it went together pretty easily.  Royce isn’t a fan of this dress — says it looks too ‘hippy’ and he doesn’t like the contrasting yoke fabric. Ah well; you win some, you lose some. This summer I’ll pull the ruffled halter pattern to make his favorite shirt for Sydney to make up for the ugly dress!


Organizing her 'men'.

It would look a bit less hippy if were to chop off the bell sleeves and made a cap sleeve — so I think I’ll do that when I have some time. The dress is made of Chysalis Release in brown by Sanae for Moda and the yoke is Lollipop Flowers in cherry by Sandy Gervais for Moda.


Simplicity #2320

I’ll have to say I am very glad I’ve made a few garments from tutorials and other pattern makers (Oliver & S) becuase the big-3 pattern companies use THE MOST ARCHAIC ways of putting together a garment. I think they sit in a room and think of ways to make it as difficult as possible. Thankfully I know enough now to know better and can put them together for the most part using my own techniques when it comes to zippers, sleeves and openings.


  1. I don’t know what Royce is thinking, I think the dress is pretty cute. Hippy is in!

    • I completely agree. I think it would have been brown butterfly overload if I made the yoke out of the same fabric as the dress….which is how the pattern wanted me to do it. Ah well, so he will never chose this dress willingly when dressing her in the AM but that doesn’t mean she still won’t wear it!


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