If I could, I would give birth to a 2-year old

Royce and I have been wishing lately that we could just fast-forward to baby #2 being 2-years old.  Even with the occasional tantrum and dilly-dally moments — the interactions, the personality, the increase in independence of a 2-year old  is so much more rewarding than an infant.  I honestly did not find the infant stage fun.at. all.  I’m the first to admit nurturing isn’t my strong suit and babies need a lot of that.  I never knew what to ‘do’ with Syd as an infant.  Now we can play games, sing songs together, color together.  I actually miss her when I’m at work and look forward to picking her up from day-care.  I felt like as a baby we just stared at each other (and cried — a lot).

Syd is finally at that point where she will play independently while I cook dinner (last night she built block towers).  Or if she wants she will sit on the counter and ‘help’.  This is a complete (and refreshing) 360 from a  year ago where she would do nothing but scream at me while I tried to accomplish a task that wasn’t 100% focused on her.

Maybe baby #2 will be ‘easier’…that’s what everyone seems to say.  My expectations going in this time are definitely different.  And at least I know that in 2 years — if we make it out on the other side  in one piece — we will get at least part of our lives back and will have another fun little person by our sides.


  1. I agree. Jake got so much more fun and rewarding around 18 months or so. Naomi is very sweet (and way easier than #1), but I’m still looking forward to a year or so from now when she’s more independent and has a sweet, fun personality like he does.

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