Beginnings of nursery design

I’ve started to work on collecting fabrics etc for the new babe.  Since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet (less than 1 week away!) I’ve been looking at inspiration for both.  This is helping since I was kinda worried I wouldn’t be able to find boy stuff that I found fun, but I have!

You can follow my nursery board on Pinterest to see some of my ideas from fabrics to art work to cribs.  We more than likely will be putting both kids in the larger room which is currently the guest room and moving the spare bed to what is currently Syds nursery.  So on top of making new stuff for baby I may have to make coordinating new stuff for Syd’s bed too.  We will see how it turns out.  Some of the fabric I’m looking at would work well with the things I previously made but it may also be fun for her to get ‘new’ things for her ‘new’ room.

For Syd’s nursery we used artwork from a famous Iowa (Dada’s home state) artist, Grant Wood, to give the room a theme.  This time around we will be using works from a famous Missouri artist (Mama’s home state), Thomas Hart Benton.  A lot of his stuff is really cool so I’m getting excited!

Once we confirm the sex it will be easier to pare down the decisions so this process/task will get more focused next weekend!

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