Spring are you here yet?


This is a draft of our new back yard!  Start date is March 1st (assuming weather doesn’t delay).

Finally visions of a usable space, not a landscaped neglected mess is upon us.  You can’t tell from this draft but our backyard has a slope to it — probably 5 feet in total from the porch to the top of a large retaining wall  (where “remove holly” is in the draft above) that divides the usable yard from the alley.   We are going to get two flat sections with one 2 ft retaining wall dividing the sections which will be accessible by stairs (or for the bold child leaping over a landscaped bed of ornamental grass).  Our graded flat sections will be filled with grass!  Luxurious green grass! Not mulch and weeds and damn azaleas. There won’t be ONE azalea back there thank you very much.  It’s going to be a dull boring grass filled back yard but it will for once be usable and maybe even have room for a jungle gym.  The small landscaped beds in front of the 2 ft retaining wall will give me an option of planting some flowers when and if the kids decide helping to plant flowers is fun.

Surrounding it all (OK 2 sides) will be a 6 ft privacy fence to keep children from leaping over the larger alley retaining wall, and to hide our neighbors yard (which is just a wasteland since she doesn’t maintain it).

I can just see me sitting out there in May with a babe, on a porch swing watching Sydney roll around in the grass.  Is it spring yet?


  1. Looks fantastic! One of my favorite things about our new house (can I still say “new” after 1 1/2 years?) was having a nice, big, usable backyard with lots of space for the kids to play and even a playset! It’s just SOOOOO much nicer once they’re older and active!

    I hope you have lots of nice, relaxing days this summer like you’re envisioning!

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