I’m 18-weeks in to this pregnancy as of Monday and I am feeling much better.  I can finally sustain through a day without a nap, and I can stay up past 8:30 pm for once.  Quite revolutionary really. Amazing what you can get done when you have energy.  And it’s a good thing it came back too.  I’m been very busy at work and at home.  Many of you know I dabble in photography but this fall I had 4 sessions within the span of a month so I was quite busy on the weekends shooting and editing to get clients their galleries so they could order Holiday cards and gifts.  Not to mention I had to fit in shooting my own family photos and designing our own Holiday Card!  Oy!   Thankfully that is all past me now and I’m looking forward to a few months where I won’t have to open Lightroom.  At least I’m finally getting paid for this hobby, although minimal, it is at least something!

I’m also past the nausea stage which is refreshing.  I have days where I’m never hungry though, and when I am, I’m famished but get full really quickly.  I’m not doing much in the form of excercise (see above – I’m busy!) but I have religiously been going to Pilates and in January my swim class starts up.  I’m noticing my upper arm strength is getting really weak which is silly because it’s not like the extra 3 lbs I’ve put on have really added to my girth.  But for some reason when I do push-ups in Pilates I feel like I’m going to come crashing down on my face.  My task over the Pilates winter break is to do some push-ups more regularly and pull out some weights and build up some muscles — no wonder Syd feels so heavy!

I’m still in my normal pants, but many of my work dress pants don’t button.  My jeans are still fitting fine, probably because they sit lower on my hips.  I’ve been getting along fine with using Bella Bands but I think in about 2 weeks I’ll switch over to maternity pants.   Thankfully I have two huge boxes of maternity clothes courtesy of my friend Katie so when I do get to this point I get to go shopping in my own guest room first!  Yay!

The only thing bothering me right now is zits.  I’ve had the worst case of acne this pregnancy.  I never really had bad acne as a teen so this is something new and very bothersome when you already feel fat and dumpy.  I feel when one zit heals another one is forming.  A zit-free week, much less a zit-free day; has been rare.  And to make it even more fun it’s the hard painful long-lasting cyst-like zits too.  Bleh.  I hope it’s just a stage but I figure if it’s been going on this long it’s more likely to be a theme than a stage.  Boo-Hiss.

We have our 20-week ultrasound scheduled for the Tuesday after Christmas and our ‘baby sex revealing‘ will be on that Friday at a nice dinner somewhere in DC.  It will be hard to keep the envelope sealed for 3 days but it will be worth it!  This is assuming of course that baby cooperates and lets us see if it’s a boy or a girl.  Stay tuned!



  1. I made Albert wait 2 weeks with the baby’s sex under our Christmas tree! It really didn’t bother me, but he was chomping at the bit!

    When it rains it pours, huh? I never really had acne issues with my pregnancies (in fact my skin was better while pregnant than at just about any other point in my life. My nails too), but I did have to convert to maternity pants way sooner than you. That’s partly because I got so bloated that regular pants were uncomfortable, partly because I was so nauseous in the first trimester that any pressure at all on my stomach made me want to vomit, and partly because the way I carry babies makes my stomach so distended that I look like I’m having a baby elephant. Apparently the baby has no place to go but out!

    Enjoy shopping in your guest room…and we’ll be awaiting your New Year’s Eve post to find out whether we’re getting a present for a baby girl or (I hope!) a baby boy!

  2. Just looked at your photography blog for the first time — nice work! And you do have an entity set up right? If not let me know. I got Crystal set up and I can set you up too! What’s the point in knowing a lawyer if we can’t tell you how to set up an LLC?

  3. Congrats!! very happy to read that you’re expecting baby #2! I think this second time around has flown by quickly (37.5 wks now) – I hope the same for you! I was extremely sick at first (and wasn’t with #1), but once I got to where you are now, ~18 wks, I felt fantastic and have since, even better than with first. Best to you!

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