Syd, meet Santa


Our neighborhood does some really fun stuff around the holidays. The first of which is they decorate a huge pine tree in the center of the ‘hood and have a ‘tree lighting’ ceremony at the begining of December.  It’s so fun to drive around the circle at night and see it all lit up!  The next cool thing is Santa visits!!  This is the first year we were able to participate and it was really fun watching all the kids meet Santa.   My friend Ashley hosted Santa and many of Syds friends came too.  I’m so grateful Santa can take time out of his busy pre-Christmas schedule to stop over Woodmoor to meet the children and ask what they want for Christmas.


Syd was cautiously curious; she had no interest in sitting on his lap, or getting to close to him, but she nearly stared a hole in his head.  Since I don’t find torturing my child for photo opportunities enjoyable — I didn’t press the issue of getting her to sit on his lap.  She did approach him towards the end to get a little trinket and talked about him for the remainder of the night.  Before we left the house to go see Santa I asked her what she wanted from him and she confidently said ‘Hot Dogs’.  So maybe if she is a good girl this year Santa will bring her some!



  1. Hotdogs, I love it! I’m taking Liam to the mall tomorrow to see Santa. I suspect he’ll keep a wary distance, but I hear this particular mall near Disney World goes all out with decor, so it should be fun nonetheless. No doubt Liam will ask for cars if given the chance, which he might just take now that he’s almost 3. I bet Syd will be ready to cuddle up to Santa next year 😉

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