Belated Holiday Post


2011 Turkey Photo

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend here at the home.  Unlike last year where I made my first full turkey, this year had nothing new really added to it other than two new guests.   The 14-lb turkey was less daunting this year and trussing it was easier since I have the computer in the kitchen now to stop/pause/play Alton Brown’s awesome turkey trussing video.  I made the standard fare, and didn’t even bother to try any new recipes.


Future turkey helper?

Royce and I had fun reminiscing over past Thanksgivings.  We started our tradition of celebrating by ourselves in 2002 when I was a fellow and I didn’t have resources or time (among other things not appropriate for blogging about) for both Thanksgiving and Christmas so Royce came to visit me in Buffalo.  We ran a turkey trot and made our own feast.  It was cozy and it has been ever since.  I was so proud of that first feast that Royce snapped a picture and with that a tradition was started.

Turkey 2002

My first turkey

We either lost or missed taking a picture one year (2003 in Baltimore) and were in Paris for one year too (2004) but all the others have been documented!  Next year will be our first Thanksgiving as a family of 4!  Wow!  Thanksgiving will always be one of my favorite holidays but it is sometimes bittersweet because it is when the “are you going anywhere for the Holidays?” or “is anyone visiting for the Holidays?” questions start to come on a frequent basis and I never enjoy answering them.

Once the holiday is here and I have a table of merry misfit friends, I forget about all of that though and am Thankful our holiday is cozy, stress-free, and calm!


  1. What face cream are you using?! No fair that you look the EXACT same in 2011 as you did in 2002! And seriously, it only seems like a few years ago that you were in Buffalo…

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