2 years

Sydney turned 2 years old on Monday November 21, 2011.  Time flies and yes things get sooo much better each year.  We have been enjoying her personality grown and watching her discover her world and language.  Yes we have tantrums, and some days are whiny, but those moments don’t typically occur for long and don’t last all day anymore — and if they do it’s an isolated day here or there.   Meanwhile, I’ve discovered to watch her play, engage with her a bit less, and let her engage with me.  Not every-moment needs to be a teaching moment, I don’t need to blabber in sing-songy voices about colors and numbers and name every item she is playing with.  We can sit in happy silence while I watch and she plays.  We have found a bit of peace and it is oh so relaxing for both of us.

She loves to play with her puzzles and her matching games and she loves to match other items up when she recognises they are similar.


Dog matches Dog

She loves to put items in bags and carry them around.  When you ask her where she is going she will say “the bus” or sometimes “the beach”.  Even better sometimes she takes the bus to the beach!  She still puts her animals (and sometimes us and Charlie ‘night-night’) so we can never have enough blankets to cover everyone up!


preparing animals for night night

Of course her favorite place of all is outside.  Now that she can ask to go outside its hard to say no.  Parks are getting more fun as she learns to climb, swing and slide.  Entire mornings can be spent at the park! We will miss this volume of outside time come winter.


at the park

We are looking forward to the year ahead knowing that her world will be much different in 6-months.  I’m glad we waited to let her personality grow and allow us to give us the attention she needs (and us some relaxation!) before introducing a ‘competitor’.  We have really enjoyed the last few months!

To celebrate her birthday we had a few friends over at a local-park for pizza and cake on the Sunday morning before her birthday.  It was a beautiful fall day and everyone had a blast.  To see more pictures from Sydney’s birthday party click on the birthday girl below!


birthday girl

Last but not least we had our 24-month doctor visit and Sydney is well below average for all her measurements.  Since her 18-month visit she has grown 1 inches (33.5 inches; 37%), gained barely 1 lb  (24lbs 3oz; 17%) and according to the measurements (which I’m sure were not accurate) her head has shrunk by 0.5 cm (47 cm; 34%).

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