Catching up

For those of you not on Facebook our ‘announcement’  of offspring #2 came out earlier this week.  I’ve been blogging, albeit privately, for a few entries and those have now been set as public so feel free to go back and catch up!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here.  We had a trip to Iowa in early November to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes with a bunch of close friends who we miss and adore.  The game was a blast.  I’m so glad we were able to finally join in on the fun for once and I hope hope HOPE we can make it back again next year to see everyone again!

The Gang

Royce’s Mom also threw Sydney an early 2nd birthday party and we had Royce’s sisters, lots of the Stuber family (Royce’s Moms side) and my Mom and Sister come to Des Moines for the event.  More photos can be found by clicking on Syd.


Fun with birthday balloons

Albert and Katie with their children even stopped by on their way home from Iowa City to Kansas City, and I think Sydney and Jake (they are 6 months apart) had fun eating cake and playing outside in the leaves together!


eating cake with a friend

Sadly Syd was sick for most of this trip. On the flight in she had a raging fever and uncharacteristically of her; she slept through both flights.  Things progressively got worse as the trip ensued as she got more fussy and started waking up in the middle of the night. We thought she was teething because there was a lot of crying and pointing at her mouth when she would eat or drink but by about day 2 I realized it was probably a sore throat.  We made an appointment with the pediatrician upon landing back here in DC on Monday and they concluded that she had a virus which was causing the sore throat, and she also had another ear infection.  Thankfully it wasn’t strep!  I stayed home with her on Tuesday and she seemed to be feeling MUCH better and we spent a lot of the day outside — it was a beautiful sunny warm fall day.  It was very relaxing to be home with my happy kid on the mend!

Since our return we all have been busy at work and trying to keep everyone healthy and rested.  I can’t believe Sydney turns TWO on Monday!  We have a small party with friends at a park on Sunday for her and before I know it Thanksgiving will be here! Where does all the time go??!!!

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