14 weeks

I think the 14th week has been the worse thus far.  Two weeks into the supposed ‘energy burst’ second trimester and I spent most of my days at work lying on the floor trying not to vomit while reading reports and responding to email on my blackberry.  Not fun.  Another cold made things worse too.  This time I gave in and took drugs — yes I’m that miserable.  This baby may come out being a meth addict from all the Sudafed but at least Mom didn’t have to use a week of sick leave for a head cold.

Still no energy and the nausea has gotten worse.  I can’t even smell coffee without dry heaving so I have had to switch to black tea in the mornings.  I usually regain a mild appetite sometime in the afternoon but the head cold has zapped me from getting very far in any meal before surrendering.   I guess the one perk of all this illness is I’ve only put on a pound from my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m not really showing yet but I have gotten ‘thicker’ in the middle.  Thankfully I’m still in my regular pants and jeans and I haven’t had to pull out the bella bands yet either.  Prolonging the conversion to maternity pants is always nice as it gets boring wearing the same thing over and over again for months on end!

I have a sonogram at my 16 week appointment so maybe some more pictures will be coming soon!



  1. Oh man, I totally empathize with you! It’s like I’m reading about my second pregnancy 🙂 My morning sickness never even started to subside until at least 17 weeks, but honestly, with both pregnancies, I never felt “normal” in that regard until the babies were born. And the colds and exhaustion were all worse the second time around.

    But I’m really not meaning to sound negative! I made it through and so will you!

    • Lets just say you aren’t the first one to tell me the second time around the pregnancy block is much worse than the first. Considering I had it pretty easy with Syd I wasn’t really expecting a do-over but I wasn’t quite expecting this! The two colds within a month of each other haven’t helped — hopefully I’m done with viruses for a while! The rare days when I do feel good I almost forget I’m pregnant, which is important to remember around cocktail hour! : D

      • Yeah, second pregnancies suck. I think largely because you’re exhausted from having to deal with a 2-year-old! No opportunity to come home and crash on the couch like you could with #1. Multiple colds, food poisoning, I got it all with #2. But I had the morning sickness with both pregnancies, though more puking with #2. You can see why I’ve never been an “oh-I-just-love-being-pregnant” kind of woman. Who wants to feel like that all the time?

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