Our little monkey


Syd was a monkey for Halloween this year; and in my opinion she is the cutest monkey around, but I’m biased.  I finished the costume at the end of September (Simplicity #2068).  It was really easy to put together since it wasn’t a one piece deal like last years skunk.  The biggest problems were finding the fuzzy felt (not fleece, not felt, but fuzzy felt — seesh) and the hat.


Thankfully Grandma was able to locate some fuzzy felt at the Hobby Lobby in Lee’s Summit and she brought it with her during her visit in September.  The hat I had to alter so that Syd would wear it. For some reason she was terrified of the hat as made by the pattern and refused to wear it.  I ended up chopping off the large under-chin segment and made it into more of a cap.  Familiar to her other hats that she wears, I attached dangle ties from the ear flaps that tied loosely around her chin.  It worked out OK, didn’t fit her all that spectacularly but it looked cute, and for a costume that’s all that really matters!  The fuzzy felt wasn’t hard to sew with at all, although thick it doesn’t shed and has little stretch.   Instead of the velcro closings per-pattern I put in a zipper to make it look nice.


Syd had a blast trick-o-treating.  Once she got into the swing of things she was addicted….she never really said “trick or treat” or “thank you” but that’s what Mom and Dad are for.  She did well picking out her candy and putting it in her basket, although most of the time she wanted to open it then and there and consume it on the spot.


I’m fairly certain she went to bed with a tummy ache but I think she had fun and I know next Halloween will probably be even more fun for her!  Click on the picture series below to see more from our Halloween night!

tail copy.jpg


  1. Look at all those teeth she’s got! Syd’s grown in leaps and bounds since we last saw her. I love that costume, too! Makes me wish i could sew. I did have to break out the sewing kit to alter Liam’s R2-D2 costume so it would fit over his head. That’s about as talented as my sewing skills get 🙂


  1. […] she had an Ingrid’s came from a pattern I had on hand from a few years ago when Syd was a monkey.  Both of the caps are the cozy winter hood from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, I just self […]

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