A letter to Elmo


Dear Elmo,
Could you at least try to sit up in Sydney’s push-cart cart like she wants you to? No slumping forward, or to the side, and absolutely no lying down. I know you are a stuffed animal but this should be no excuse. Sydney is an extremely rational individual so I blame you for all the tantrums last night; try harder today OK?

PS: Cow could also use this memo. I encourage you both to work on sitting up today while Sydney is at day-care.


Last night Syd had one fit after another when Elmo and Cow wouldn’t sit up in her cart, or if when she pushed the cart they would fall over, or backward or sideways.  To Syd, this behavior from these stuffed animals was UNACCEPTABLE.  I mean really, why shouldn’t Elmo sit up at all times when being pushed around by a crazy toddler in a wheely cart?  Doesn’t he have a spinal cord?  Why doesn’t he listen?

At least I could find the humor in her irrational behavior last night…although some nights it can be trying!


  1. Damn Elmo…

  2. I’m glad to hear mine’s not the only toddler/preschooler who wants things “just so.” I can’t tell if it’s a phase or Liam’s just Mr. Particular. But if he gets a speck of dirt on him, watch out! Must. Wipe. Off. Or Needs. New. Pants. And now that his vocabulary is through the roof, he can actually tell me what he wants. AKA. Boss me around more efficiently. My only saving grace is I taught him “please” and “excuse me.” So at least he’s polite when he’s ordering me around, lol.

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