Say my name

Syd has been doing very well with her language development and talking lately.  She can identify for hours many items in this snoozer of a “First Words” book someone gave us.  She will also parrot back almost everything you say if you say “Say” and then declare the word.  Or she will at least try.  The few hold outs that I can recall are her name, pig and oink.  Don’t ask me what she has against pigs but it’s the one animal she won’t verbally identify or make a corresponding noise (oink).  Very strange.

As to her name.  When naming a child you really don’t think about the difficulty the child may have in pronouncing it…instead you are focused more selfishly on what sounds good, what’s cool (or not cool) and how the name will age with time.  Sydney is a hard name to pronounce.  Many adults even say Cindy.  For awhile she has tried to say her name but it always comes out sounding like ‘neigh-neigh’…which is what she calls a horse.  It was rather endearing for her to point to herself and say ‘neigh-neigh’.   I didn’t think much of her inability to say her name til one day at day-care when we were saying goodbye little Annabel and Lilly said “goodbye Sydney!” clear as day.  I was like wha?  How come they can say it and you can’t?

We really didn’t ‘work on it’ at home, but  I did make it a point to say her name more often when pointing to her or asking questions of her.  She could make the sssss sound (it’s what she says when she sees a snake) and of course she had the “neigh” part down, she just needed to put them together with the “d”

Then Friday…in the car on our way home from daycare Royce was entertaining her by taking pictures with his phone…and when he showed her the resulting photos she pointed to Dada and said “Dada” and then pointed to herself and said “Sydney”.

We cheered.

And then she did it again.


  1. Pictures are great for that. That’s how we taught Jake his name too. Now he’s in his independent phase so we hear his name ALL THE TIME. His response to everything we do is “No no no! Jacob do it!”

  2. Hmm. I hadn’t thought about that! I wonder how hard Vs roll off the tongue. We try to make it a point to say his name a lot at home, and I know they use it a lot at daycare. What a proud moment for you though, especially with the ear infections. One of my nephews who is 5 is seeing a speech therapist because they never realized he wasn’t hearing from all the infections he had until he wasn’t saying plain words and just speaking gibberish.

    • Thanks! Yes we are proud, but we can’t take all the credit. We had amazing pediatricians that were on top of things (I’m sure many would consider them to be over aggressive with their treatments etc. but it worked so ppffbbtt to them) and our Parents as Teachers consultant was also very persistent about having us monitor her language development (even after our home visits with her ended she still called to follow up with us to make sure those requisite 10 words came fast after the tubes were placed)…which in turn pushed us to question our pediatrician for solutions to the problem.

      The few parents who have asked me for tube advice for their kid; I always say that we wouldn’t have done it if Syd had her 10 words that she was supposed to have at that stage in her life. And the funny thing is they all reply “Huh — I never thought of it until now but X doesn’t have any words”. How could you NOT think of that? Oy… parents as teachers…remember that! You are your kids first teacher. Which means…you need to pay attention…read a few child development books, take the milestones seriously.

      It’s not their fault though — early childhood development in this country is poorly lacking so most of this falls on over-worked tired parents. And over-worked tired parents put too much trust in ‘the system” (medical, day-care, school) to educate their children and identify problems.

  3. Julie–that is so great and I have to admit, it brought a tear to my eye. Yea Sydney!


  1. […] is NiNi, everything that isn’t Ingrid’s of course (which is most things right now). Sydney called herself “neigh neigh” for a long time before she could get the “s” and “d” part attached […]

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