Dreams gone wild: Part 2

Sleep has been hard to come by over here and when I do fall asleep I have such strange vivid dreams they usually wake me and freak me out.  In hindsight they are usually pretty funny though, mostly because they are just so random.  This is one that I had the other day that was extremely stressful in the moment…not exactly relaxing slumber.  My DQ dream I had with my first pregnancy was way better in my opinion.

So the dream…  I’m eating lunch by myself at a Pho place in a  ghetto strip mall of ethnic food joints.  When I’m done I walk out into the parking lot (stream loud Mexican rap music) and I can’t find my car…but not my new car… my old Acura (see! Random!).  I can’t believe someone would steal my car in broad day light and with so many people around!  I go back inside the restaurant to text a co-worker (again…random…I don’t even think I know this co-workers phone number) but my iPhone isn’t working properly.  It keeps doing all this pre-programmed crap and I can’t even pull up the messaging to begin typing a text.  Repeat this scene with the outside looking for car scene — at least 10 times.  Relaxing huh?

Then the owner of the Pho joint is yelling at me in a laungage I can’t understand. I’m trying to tell him I can’t  text a coworker to come get me and I’m gathering the continued yelling the owner wants me to leave or call 911 and I’m like I can’t! This iPhone won’t work! <– the randomness in this is that Steve Jobs died the day before.

And then I wake up.

Awesome nights sleep.

I’m sure others are forming in the back of my mind somewhere.  If there is one thing I remember about the last pregnancy it was that dreams could get pretty intense!

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