Game-day Hawkeye

Football season snuck up on me this year.  I think it’s the weather…doesn’t feel like football if it’s still sunny and hot out.


Go Hawkeye! More Hawkeye!

Our first game also wasn’t something to get excited about, like most yesterday we played a throw-away team.  Although with the Hawkeyes you just never know, so even throw-away teams are met with the utmost seriousness.  At the last-minute I scrambled and made some pretty kick-ass chicken wings to go with our game-day kick off.   They were the best wings ever.  I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the recipe, so sorry, you will just have to come visit if you want some!

When I was putting on Syds shirt (dress from last year) I pointed to her top and said “Hawkeye”.  Then immediately she pointed to her top and said “Hawkeye”.  And then pointed to Daddy’s shirt and said “Hawkeye”…and then mine.  And then it just snowballed from there…I think she said “Go Hawkeye!” 100 times while we were watching the game (and “more Hawkeye!” during commercial breaks).  A short video snippet is below.  Alas our little Hawkeye couldn’t stay up through her nap to watch the game so we were spared baby-Hawkeye commentary for the majority of the game.

She does enjoy watching football…she laughs when they all fall down.  Last night before bed, long after the game was over, she pointed to the TV and said “Hawkeye”.  We have created a monster!

Next week is a more important game in our world.  Looking forward to our tradition of making pork tenderloin sandwiches and having Grandma here as well.


  1. Oh dear, what’s a Grandma to do? She doesn’t have a Hawkeye!!

  2. mandysmusings says:

    That video made me giggle 🙂 I can’t believe how much Syd has grown since the last time I saw her!

  3. Priceless!

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