Seeing the difference

This past January we had to do the not so fun home-moanership task of replacing our aging Furnace and AC unit.  The AC unit was actually not as old as the furnace, which was installed sometime in the late 70’s, but it was what triggered the need since each time it ran…and it ran a LOT… it blew the fuse in our electrical box (don’t ask me why but it was really annoying).  Because our furnace was so old and we had issues with keeping the entire house warm (puny blower) we went all out and just got everything replaced.  This wasn’t a cheap venture but it was cheaper than I thought it would be; for some reason I thought it would be a 10k expense.  Regardless it is never ‘fun’ to spend a good chunk of money on something so ZzzZzz.

We are finally starting to see the benefits though!  Not only is our house at a more constant temperature in ALL rooms but I just got a notification from our electric company that our monthly level payment will be decreasing by 38%.  Wowzers!  We are saving over $100 a month and the only thing we changed since January is this HVAC stuff.   When I compared our energy use to July of 2010 we have used 26% less in July of 2011.  I can’t imagine what it will be like when we finally get done replacing all our original windows!

I guess I wanted to post this because I know many drag their feet when thinking of replacing HVAC units and typically wait until it is an emergency and end up spending more $$$ than you would if you did it when everything was actually working properly, just not efficiently, and your HVAC service company was less busy (avoid transition months of May/June and Oct/Nov) therefore willing to give you a deal.  Same could be said for refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc etc.  If your appliance doesn’t have an energy star logo on it you are probably paying more in electricity to keep the old clunker running than you would if you just went out and bought a new more efficient appliance with an average energy star rating.

Anyways I feel redeemed that our decision to replace our HVAC before it officially ‘died’ was a good one.  And I have an extra $1200+/year in my pocket to prove it!




  1. We had to do the same this spring (AC had a freon leak and the furnace was ancient). Definitely can tell a difference in the house this summer but it sucks dropping that kind of money on it!

  2. I just compared our usage with last year and even after one of the hottest Kansas Julys on record, our usage declined 16% after getting the new HVAC unit (and that was with the internal temp set lower this year than last year). Hope my monthly bill goes down too when adjustment time rolls around!

  3. Ours went down another $72 a month starting with our Nov Bill. Amazing!

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