One of the cuter things Syd has been doing this past month is making associations between objects and the people who use them.  First it was shoes.  She would point to a shoe of mine and say “Mama”.  Or run into a shoe of Royce’s and say “Dada”.  She will sometimes even bring us shoes when she finds them.  This morning she brought me the perfect pair of leather flip-flops to go with my black wool dress pants and silk top (I put them on temporarily to humor her but changed before I went to work).  Even when she only brings us one shoe she will go back and get the other one if prompted “Can you bring me the other one?”.

She is also starting to notice Mama and Dada in all the pictures around the house and spent a fair amount of time pointing Dada out in all the photos this evening (she is turning into quite the Daddy’s girl…kept saying “Dada” all night…guess how tired I am of replying “Dada’s at work”).

Lately though she has been pointing to more than shoes.  One night an empty cocktail glass sat on a coffee table and she pointed to it and said “Dada”.  I of coursed laughed, and agreed.  Then the other morning she pointed to the newspaper and said “Dada”.  In the past she proclaimed “Dada” each time she saw a TV remote.  And just this evening as I was putting down the couch cushions (we flip them up so the dog doesn’t sit on them) she pointed to the couch where Royce usually sits and says “Dada”.   Yup…that sums up Dada…sitting on the couch, with the TV on, reading the newspaper and drinking his cocktail.  Clever girl.

To be fair she did point to a wine glass and say “Mama”…but her most hilarious association was pointing to the washing machine this AM and pronouncing “Mama”.  So I wash clothes and drink wine…I would rather be Dada.

Update:  We have a few more…Dada is also the lawnmower and trash.  And Mama is the dishwasher.


  1. I love it! Jake used to do that with shoes too. Sounds like she has Royce’s number down! (unfortunately yours too. Sometimes being the mom sucks!)

    Jake started naming everyone in pictures about that age. We started putting together photo albums for him and he will still spend tons of time flipping through them, naming people and commenting on the pictures. His favorites are pictures of himself and his cousin Sabrina. Sounds like Royce would be the star of Sydney’s book. Oh to be the daddy…

  2. That’s a great idea! I’m going to print off some pictures for a little picture book for her. Do you mind sending me some of you guys to put in our book? I may be able to order them through Snapfish on Flickr if you have ordering set up. I do for ‘friends’.

    • I can definitely send some (I need to send you a box of maternity clothes too!). I print stiff from Flickr all the time but I’ll see if I have to change anything so you can print. Can I print your pics from there? Albert was disappointed we didn’t get any pics for Jake’s books while you guys were here:)

      • You should be able to! Let me know if you can’t. I have my settings such that my ‘friends’ can print. I know my mom can print stuff so hopefully you can too!

      • FYI. I just changed my Flickr settings so you should be able to print. Sorry that took so long!

  3. mandysmusings says:

    Ha ha, that is so cute! Just wait until she can announce, “Mommy needs more wine!” to all of your friends. Now there’s some laughs! We have a digital frame with photos cycling through of all our friends and family. Liam absolutely loves calling out everyone he sees on there. I bet Syd would love that, too.

  4. I love this! So funny what kids can point out : )

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