Our new oasis

Our deck was finished a few weeks ago but I was waiting til we got proper furniture before I introduced you to our new oasis.


Unlike our old deck this new one is child-friendly.  No splinters.  No risk of falling off the 1-story height.


Syd's new cage

We went all out with this…our deck is not small by any stretch of the imagination (it spans the entire length of the house and then some) and is one of the main reasons we bought the house to begin with.  Because of the size, and our decision to use Trex Transend we spent about as much on this remodel as we did on the kitchen.  After spending some time on it though it has all been worth it!!  We used Gravel Path as the main color for decking, and I was inspired by all the pretty decks from the Trex catalog and thought a border in Village Lantern would make the deck more pleasing to the eye.


The railings are Trex Transcend Traditional style and we used a mixture of the two colors with metal balusters and a flat top rail (better to hold your beer than any of the manufactured top rails made by Trex).


Royce even has his own private little area for cooking.  Hopefully with the grill tucked in this corner Syd will be less likely to want to touch it.


Syd has space now for her first play house.


She seems to enjoy pushing the doorbell the most…


And she really wants one of us to be in there playing with her too which is nice, except we don’t fit very well.


We spend time out on it almost every night mostly so Syd can splash around in the big plastic tub we fill with water. Last night we had our first dinner together as a family on our new deck;  Syd was running around naked playing in her bucket and in her house (and even took a poop on the side of her house ha!) while we relaxed and enjoyed some beers.

We still need to get some more furniture, maybe a new table and chairs set, and definitely a kid-sized picnic table. Royce is staining some Adirondack chairs for the span that goes next to the house…it’s shady there almost all day so it’s a good spot to sit and read, if Syd will let us.


  1. You know if Sydney had a sibling you and Royce wouldn’t have to squeeze in that little house. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • I thought of that. And then she started screaming at us for no reason and refused to eat pretty much all weekend. Each step forward we take another step back. Ugh.

  2. Your deck looks amazing! Yes, clearly, it’s been awhile since I’ve read the blog 🙂

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