Why I couldn’t move back to KC…until now

I hate to admit it but on my historical “should we move back home?” pro-con list one of the con’s was always “No Trader Joe’s”….another big con is “No relevant job for Julie” but that is another post.

As of today I can take the “No Trader Joe’s” off my con list as two stores just opened today in Kansas City.  I’ve lived within close proximity (< 0.25 miles to be exact) of a TJ’s since we moved into the house. It’s the place where we do 98% of our grocery shopping.  After you get used to their customer service and products it is hard to imagine life without them.  I realize that the customer service at most big-chain grocery stores in the midwest is light-years better than the lazy, rude, in-attentive crap grocery stores we have here..so it’s really the products and their prices that I’m addicted to.  For those of you who are being introduced to their loveliness this week here is my list of TJ’s favorites:

  1. Canned greenbeans and black olives – best canned beans and olives ev-ah.
  2. Frozen Veggies – the broccoli is all ‘trees’ no random chunks of ‘stems’, the sweet corn is super sweet and the petite peas are so plump they burst in your mouth.
  3. Whole Bean Coffee – All of their stuff is great and cheap and comes in containers large enough so that we don’t have to refill our coffee supply every week.
  4. Cuban Style Black Beans – Take black beans and add some peppers and onions to the mix and you won’t go back to plain black beans again.
  5. Black Bean Soup – amazing quick and yummy side to a cheese quesadilla.  Add additional cumin or chili powder and serve with cheese for a real treat!
  6. Cheese – The TJ’s cheese selection rivals that of fancy Euro-markets and is about a gazillion times cheaper.
  7. Applesauce – ingredients are apples and water…that’s it…try finding that at HyVee (btw you can’t I’ve tried!) at the same price as TJ’s.
  8. Tomato Basil Mariana – Our sauce of choice
  9. Pizza Dough in a bag – super awesome for “make your own pizza party night”.  For a crispy crust I suggest baking at 425 for 10 mins, then add your toppings, and then baking for 10 more mins directly on the rack.
  10. Pickles – just the perfect amount of vinegar and onion.
  11. Mac & Cheese – frozen, not boxed and don’t buy that reduced guilt crap!
  12. Prepared products – I love that their stuff contains no preservatives or fillers.  We have tried their fresh ravioli’s, frozen Indian dishes, fresh marinated chicken, and jarred simmer sauces…
  13. Polenta – Syds grain of choice.
  14. Steel Cut Oats – They even come in a kitschy metal tin!
  15. nuts, dried fruits, desserts, interesting snacky stuff…I could go on and on!

Just this week I made their fresh butternut squash ravioli, put it in a sage butter sauce and served it on a bed of sautéed zucchini and green beans (from our CSA) with a side of their pesto marinated chicken.  Fancy?  Yes!  Fussy?  NO!

I love Trader Joe’s!


  1. We’re very excited! I’m planning to go back for our big stock-up grocery run in a few days; let the craziness die down first! I fully plan to transfer most of my grocery shopping to TJs!

  2. It’s hard not to love Trader Joe’s! Last trip to Chicago we filled a large cooler with frozen veggies and pasta/prepped foods plus 3 bags of groceries!! Impossible not to go just a little nuts after paying New Pioneer prices. Funny, I too occasionally consult the Trader Joe’s Store Locations map whenever we get to itch to possibly relocate….

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