We are at about 19 months and Syd has all her teeth except the Canines and Second Molars.  12 down, 8 to go.

She is obviously working on something this week.  She won’t let me stick my finger in to find out…each time I try she bites me and nearly drew blood today.  Based on the chart above I would suspect to see either her top or bottom canine’s to show up soon…but she could also be working on those second molars too.

Either way I would like it over soon…she is rather unpleasant to be around right now and she won’t eat much of anything which is starting to give me a complex.  Round the clock alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol isn’t much fun either.  The drooling, the crying.  Oh my.  Poor Baby.


  1. Oh poor Syd! Jake had such a hard time cutting teeth too. He only has the second molars left. Our pediatrician said they can come in anytime between about age 2 and age 6-7. Maybe we’ll get a little break!

    • midwestkids says:

      I’m honestly not sure how Syd teethes as all 12 of her current teeth came in when she was also having ear trouble (Nov-Feb) so it was hard to say which cry was for what (ears vs. teeth). I am noticing some similar patterns of crying for no reason that were similar to this time in the winter. Reminds me of the dread I felt after picking her up from day-care as it seems all she did was scream from the moment I stepped into the house til she went to bed. I’m going to give the Amber necklace thing a shot this weekend. Seems to work for all my friends kids who use it but it needs to stay on…day-care and Royce are always taking it off…

      • Hmm, I haven’t heard about that one. I may have to look into it if Naomi is a similarly difficult teether. I just gave him ibuprofen at naps and bedtime and then suffered through the short temper 🙂

  2. that image of the teeth is great! I’m printing it out for my 6 y.o. — she was a late teether (didn’t get her bottom central incisors until she was 1 y.o.) and consequently STILL hasn’t lost any of her baby teeth. So, I can show her that the average age for losing those first teeth is 6 y.o. — maybe she’ll stop complaining about how all her friends have already lost their teeth already…

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