Dresses and shirts oh my!

I’m really starting to enjoy sewing more for Syd now that she is more active.  Everyone seems to notice and compliment my homemade items, which at first I thought was cool but now I’m starting to wonder if the stuff I make is so obviously home made becuase 1) it sucks are 2) is unique.  I hope its #2!!!

I’m pretty good at taking photos of my items and putting them in my sewing projects set on Flickr…but not so good at blogging about them until I have so much to blog it’s almost daunting. So here it goes…


Reversible Jumper

I’ve made this dress before (out of print Simplicity #3808) and loved it so I decided to make another…although a bit longer this time for my bean pole.  I added the rick-rack for fun, mostly because the reverse side is nothing but dots (yawn) and it needed something to break up the monotony.


Charlie Tunic feminized

I’m a big fan of Made-by-Rae becuase she herself is a hoot to read and her patterns are good as well.    I was inspired to do the Charlie Tunic (more of a boys shirt) for Syd after seeing some dress versions on Rae’s blog.  I started off just making a tunic and experimenting with a curved placket and a short gathered puff sleeve.  It turned out nicely although it wears a bit boxy.  Boxy can be good for squirmy kids though, gives them full range of motion.  The fabric (Michael Miller Temple Tiles in Sherbert) was sort of “meh” to me…meaning I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either.  Probably why I chose to experiment with it.  I may revisit this pattern later for a dress if I can find the fabric to inspire.


Pretty girl in frilly halter

Now this halter I LOVE so much I want to make one for myself.  It’s so summery and girly and cute on Syd.  The fabric is a light weight white cotton that was given to me as a gift which has embroidered scalloped edges and dots.  When I saw the pattern on the Oliver and S blog I knew I had a match made in heaven with this handed down fabric.  The ruffles are cut on the bias unless I would have used the scalloped edge for those as well but I still think it looks beautiful.  It was super easy to put together especially since the raw edges are left as-is (which makes it important to cut on the bias).  I think it took me longer to print off the pattern and tape all the pattern pieces together than it did for me to sew the stupid thing up.  The perils of print at home patterns!  There is jut something about this shirt that makes Syd look so grown up.


America's birthday is not worth smiling for

And lastly, what is a Mom to do when your kid has no clothing item that incorporates all the colors of the American flag and you have a 4th of July parade coming up?  Well you make her something, that’s what you do!  I scurried to Hancock Fabrics on Saturday morning and found this tasteful print and used an old stand by pattern to make Syd a tunic (this is the 3-6 month dress size which makes a perfect 18-month size tunic).  Instead of side ties I cut a hole in the back casing and slid the ribbon through there; this way Syd can’t untie her shirt huzzah!  I also made the hat too…again the O&S bucket hat like before.  Red polka dots on one side and hearts on the other…what more could a girl ask for?  To wear it next summer that’s what!  Good thing Mom made this one a size larger to last through a few more summers…


  1. I think your stuff is pretty adorable–likely why you get compliments! I’m hoping to be able to venture into the world of clothing now that I have a little girl to sew for (let’s face it, most boy patterns suck) once I get a chance to do so, probably when she starts sleeping through the night! Fabulous job, as usual 🙂

    • midwestkids says:

      Boys stuff isn’t all that exciting I agree, but a lot of online bloggers have gone out of thier way to create fun stuff for Boys. Made-By-Rae puts on an entire month of boy centered sewing that’s got some pretty cool stuff!

  2. So cute! My sister just gave me her old sewing machine, and my first sewing project out of the gate was bloomers for V (with adult supervision of course). I’m thinking I might make some curtain and a crib skirt. When you don’t have a girl, the clothes are near as fun.

    • midwestkids says:

      Home dec stuff is easy peasy (straight lines) so I would start with that. One of my favorite shirts that is great for boys is the Tee for Two by Figgys. I can see a old softened used T-shirt of your husbands being a great back drop for a hipster look for a boy. And the raglan sleeves…get.out.so.hip! Also see my below link to Katie’s comment…if you get into sewing there is a lot of stuff out there for Boys you just have to look.


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