What’s been going on

Just daily life here and there…nothing really all that blog-worthy but I do have some photos to share.


Before: Unsafe and old.

Our deck renovation started on Friday June 10th.  The pictures of progress are in the Deck set on Flickr.  It’s a big project because it’s a mammoth deck.  From the “before” pictures you can see it was old (built in 1977) and not really safe for children (Syd could climb right off if so inclined).  Since this thing is so big, and we are using Trex, a lot of additional supports needed to be installed.  Thankfully for the most part the support structure was still re-usable from below…which is nice since this project is coming close in budget to our kitchen remodel. Yikes!

Now that the weather is nice and people are mingling outside, we have had a lot of neighborhood parties too…and since I’ve been working on my camera skills I’ve been taking a lot of pictures.


Ladder ball anyone?

The ones of Syd at these various block and pool parties are in her 19-24 month set…but there are more on my other non-personal flickr account if you want to see the people we rumble with.


gang fight or bug bite?

Unfortunately Syd inherited Mommy’s skin and affinity to mosquitos…and the reaction that ensues.  This was the aftermath of one that bit her on her upper brow. She didn’t seem phased by the swelling and so we didn’t do much for it other than monitored for a fever. Thankfully about 3 days later the swelling went down and our baby was back to her beautiful self.

Speaking of, a beautiful kid…I had no idea she could do block puzzles until one morning she just started putting pieces back on this farm-puzzle we were using to practice farm sounds.


Playing with her puzzle

Goes to show you I’m not very good at this Mom thing and these stinking kids change so much every day it’s hard to keep up!

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