18-months (1.5 years)

Syd turned 18 months on May 21st.  This post is a bit behind but better late than never?  We were busy you know…playing on the beach and tossing her around in a pool.  Excuses excuses I know!

silly bathtime bubble girl

With 18-months came another well-check appt and in addition to the usual (shots, stats) they also made Royce check of a list of developmental things to screen for delays.  I’m happy to report we have “normal’ child.  Yay!   As for the rest of her numbers she keeps changing things around on us.  Now she has two measures over 50%; height and head.  She is still in the <50% percentiles for weight.  Since her 15-month visit she has grown 2 inches (32.5 inches; 70%), gained 1 lbs 18 oz (23lbs 7oz; 39%) and her head has grown by 0.5 cm (47.5 cm; 74%).  We do not have another well-visit til 24 months (2 years)…that seems so far away!  These past few months she has been rather healthy so hopefully we won’t have to make any sick visits between then and now either.

I need to create a new photo set now that Syd is 18 months.  Her 13-18 month set is pretty full and I think I have more photos still to add to it that are on my computer.  It’s amazing to see how much she has changed in just 6 months!

helping mama with laundry

As to the new milestones I’ve almost lost track but I’ll try to think of a few.  She has started running but sometimes gets tripped up and ends up falling.  There is definitely more talking with her favorite favorite word (and my least favorite) being MINE.  She is very obsessed with her shoes but not in a good way.  She wants to take them off and on and she isn’t dexterous enough for this and so she usually gets frustrated and has a tantrum.  There is at least one shoe fit per day (and thats a good day) most days there are multiple fits.  I’ve tried hiding them, taking them away, and just giving the entire lot to her to play with and so far I haven’t figured out how to tame the shoe-beast.  She has started climbing things but still isn’t tall enough to hook her leg on the couch yet. She enjoys wearing hats and putting things on her head (see above photo). Throwing things is very entertaining to her (and us) but she also likes to practice the throwing motion by smacking us upside the head too (not so much fun for us). She is getting better at eating with a spoon and fork.  She can now spear things herself with the fork (but prefers for us to do it for her) and can even eat applesauce successfully with a spoon.  Books and the outdoors are still her two favorite loves…thankfully summer is upon us and so we can start fulfilling that much needed outdoor requirement of hers!

bean bag throwing

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