Family vacation

We have taken many trips with Syd but none have been a true vacation. This week is different though. We headed out for Hilton Head on Saturday. Hilton Head is place Royce and I have been often but Syd has only visited in the womb. We have fond memories golf in the early mornings followed by lazy afternoons at the beach. We know this trip would be different with Sydney in tow but we will still try to have some of the same patterns we had grown accustomed too.

Our flight went well. We were blessed with a unexpected 30-min morning nap (we flew from 9-11AM). And the rest of the time we read or played with the iPad. Unfortunately the pacifier, which on a normal day only allowed in the crib, was a participant in this excursion.

Sleepy airplane baby

After a nice lunch out we headed to the condo which thankfully was ready in time for us to check-in and get Syd down for her nap at 1. Past trips have proven poorly for Syds sleep schedule so this time I did things a bit differently. We flew during non-nap times which was risky, but I felt I would rather have a squirrelly awake child on my lap than a tired cranky squirrelly child. I also rented a crib this time since Syd sleeps like crap in a pack-n-play. Other than sleeping in the same room as us I really wanted to keep her as comfortable as possible for everyone’s sanity!

My tactics proved successful as she slept longer last night than she ever has at home. Her nap today may be the longest yet. But we had done a good job tiring her out at the beach! More on that later!

Beach baby!


  1. We’ve also learned to fly during non-nap hours and particularly to fly in the mornings. So much easier than trying to get a toddler to nap on a plane! Hope you guys have a fabulous time! Someday we’ll take a family vacation…someday.

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