First 10 Words!

Syd finally has words!  She has been babbling up a storm lately since she had her tubes put in. Not only has her disposition taken a 360 (except when constipated.  Note: Sydney is VERY cranky when she can’t poo).

I’m sure I’m going to forget some but here are the words that we can make out:

  • cup: She will go around the house pointing out all the cups and during dinner she will also do the same if there are cups on the table
  • wa-wa:  This is for water.  She even points out puddles of water and rain.  Tonight it was pouring on our way home so all I heard was wa-wa, wa-wa!
  • ball: The girl loves to throw balls…future sports nut I hope!
  • more:  It comes out more like “moh” but it’s still stupid cute and she could ask for anything this way and I would probably give it to her.
  • uh-oh
  • ma-ma
  • da-da
  • dog:  Sounds like “duh”
  • car:  Comes out more like “ka” (use a Boston accent).
  • book:  Sounds like “boooc”

She added wa-wa and book just last week and when we talk she looks like she is concentrating so hard to make the sounds we make.  So wonderful!


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