Easter and Iowa and everything in between

Whoa it’s been a long time since my last post! We have been busy busy bee’s though so I have a good excuse.

We had a very busy Easter Weekend doing things that didn’t revolve around the actual Christian Easter holiday but we had a glorious time despite those judging our absence at a church.  My friend from work had an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning and we headed over with glee.  Syd was not nearly as interested in the easter eggs as she was into all of Emma’s toys; I’m fairly certain she played with each and every one that was available to her.  After a nap at home we headed out again to our neighborhood friends Ashley and Greg for an early afternoon Easter dinner with their daughter Stella.  It was a great holiday!


This toy is way more fun than egg hunting

This past weekend I headed to Iowa for a get-away to see a friend who was home from London.  My sister came up to help Royce watch Syd which allowed him to go to work over the weekend.  In order for me to get-away we either have to ask for him to be off, or have someone come help.  With the demise of his paid vacation it’s easier on our pocketbooks to just keep status-quo and fly someone in to help, and thankfully Auntie-M was willing and able to come!  I sadly didn’t get any photos of her and Sydney while she was here which is 100% stupid and lame of me.  Alas there will be a next time so I will not be to harsh on myself; it was a very busy week after all between baseball games, and me leaving, and a trip to the Newseum.


View of the Iowa country side at Park Farm Winery

Back to my trip.  I had initially planned to go back for Drake Relays but flights into Des Moines were $$$ and poorly timed so I flew into Cedar Rapids instead and spent the weekend with Chris at her family farm in Manchester, IA.  It was just what I needed!  Acres upon acres of land, fresh land, as far as the eye could see.  Simple small town hospitality and a quilt shop…and Dairy Queen…and HyVee!!!  I was in heaven.


Manchester, IA small town charm

Friday was filled with family fun as it was her twin-mother’s birthday. It was fun to hear stories from the very sharp mom to those twins. I can’t imagine starting a family at 16 and having 6 children…I can barely handle the one I have! On Saturday we headed out to The Field of Dreams which was on our way to our intended destination, Park Farm Winery.


Field of Dreams, Dyersville, IA


Park Farm Winery

At the winery we sat and enjoyed some tastings and then some cheese and crackers and lazy conversation with a fantastic view of the Iowa country side.  I swear if someone came up to me tomorrow and said “Julie, we really need you to move to Manchester, IA and farm this land and raise these cows…and no one else can do it…and we will sell your home in MD and find you a fantastic home in Iowa (that has a kitchen the way you want it and a sewing room) “…lets just say I would move there in a heart-beat.  There is something so simple about a hard days work outside where you have tangible results of your labor.  So much more rewarding than sitting in my sensory deprived office sending emails and sitting in meetings for 8 hours.  I know there is more to it than that, no time off, no vacations, no weekends…but let me have my simple dream for just a while OK?


Fischer family farm

It was a fantastic trip, one where I felt rested upon my return, and it was so nice to see a good friend!  Don’t get me started on how nice it is to travel without a kid or a husband…I may never go back to travel with them again! OK maybe I will bring the husband along sometimes.

You can find more photos from my Iowa trip here, and more photos of Syds Easter Day fun here.


  1. You were up in my neck of the woods! I have many a childhood memory from the Field of Dreams (my dad’s family is from an even smaller town right outside Dyersville called Earlville). I look forward to the day our kids are old enough for a trip up there to run the bases, etc. Probably not too much longer. I’ll have to remember that winery for an “adults only” outing though!

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