morning:noon:night :: 5

Honestly I was sort of dreading this weekend.  Royce only worked on Saturday but it is my most hated shift of the weekend; the 10-7pm.  Between our Little Gym Class at 8:45 which makes me leave the house at 8:30 I’m on my own the entire day since Royce won’t get back til around 8pm.  It makes for a very long day, especially on a day when you want to be ‘off’…at least part of the time.  To be ‘on’ for 12+ hours as sole clown is well; exhausting.  To make matters worse all week the NPR local newsman was mocking me by taking this springy tone to “this Saturday there is a 100% chance of rain!”.  It was like he was saying “good luck Julie…nana-nana-boo-boo”.

I set forth in the morning to the Little Gym with a schedule of errands (Costo, REI, Ikea) to run after.  This successfully filled up our rainy morning (boy howdy do you get wet loading and unloading a kid in a car-seat!) til lunch time.  When we got home for lunch the power promptly went out after I had just finished heating Syds left-overs in the microwave.  An hour of independent play time in the dark allowed me to make the necessary calls to our loser of a power company and before I knew it nap time was upon us!  A quick run to Trader Joes after nap time to get ingredients for soup and the rest of the day was history. We colored, we built a tower, we played with magnetic animals, we ate soup and we sang…a lot.   It was still a tiring day, I haven’t felt well for over a week; a mixture of allergies and I think a mild cold makes for a very exhausted Mama.  Thankfully Royce was off today so I was able to do some stuff for myself.  So grateful!




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