A new hat for a new kid


Syd is a completely different person post ear-tubes.  Not only is she not set off by the most minor of things all the time but she is also talking up a storm.  She is repeating stuff (finally!) and naming things.  Her favorite things to point out are cars (“ca”), dogs (“duh”) and birds (“kaka”).   She will also make little woof-woofs and moo-moo’s when desired.  Our house of relative silence (unless you count crying) has been infiltrated with precious babble and it’s amazing.


I finished this hat on Friday just in time for our rainy day on Saturday.  Syd loves hats and I thought she needed one for summer.  This one is the reversible bucket hat from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.  It went together quickly.  The fussy parts are pinning and going slow since you are sewing in circles.


I need to make a few more to make her summer wardrobe complete and I hope they get a bit easier.  It is reversible which also makes it trickier to sew, but it would look dumb unless you made it this way. The fabrics are what I ordered in anticipation of the ‘government shut down’ that never happened.  They are both Michael Miller prints.


I apologize for the crummy photos but you can get the idea…the lighting was never right this weekend and Syd didn’t always want to model for me…imagine that!


  1. I’m glad to hear that the tubes have made such a difference! Hopefully life will be easier all around now, and maybe you will be willing to contemplate giving Syd a sibling at some point in the future:) It’s amazing how much easier motherhood is when the happy child wakes up in the morning instead of the crabby one!

    • midwestkids says:

      It is much easier when you aren’t getting yelled at all the time. Imagine that! And I’m about 10x happier as well. Pre-tubes just getting her from the crib and laying her down to change her diaper she would have a fit. Now she is all smiles. A sibling is definitely more of an option now than it was 2 months ago that’s for sure!

  2. Leslie says:

    another darling addition to Sydney’s wardrobe!! love it! she seriously has to be the best dressed kid ever.

    • midwestkids says:

      Thanks Leslie! I finally got photos of her in her new dress too from Easter I just need to get them on the blog…maybe tonight!


  1. […] can’t untie her shirt huzzah!  I also made the hat too…again the O&S bucket hat like before.  Red polka dots on one side and hearts on the other…what more could a girl ask for?  To […]

  2. […] so that she can meet the ‘guidelines’ for ear tubes.  They worked such wonders for her sister. I’m afraid if she doesn’t meet the guidelines this winter we will be suffering through […]

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