A massive photo update

I’ve had pictures on my camera since early March and I’ve just been too lazy to get them off the camera; organized; and onto Flickr.  But now they are there.  It’s been a busy month. Syd has grown so much (physically, not so much mentally) in the past month it’s almost weird to see those photos I took at the beginning of March where her jeans were baggy because now we can barely get them on!


Sitting on her stoop

Since we have seen you  last we have had good days and bad days.  Seems like we have a solid streak of good followed by a mean streak of bad that just makes you barely remember if it was ever good.  This weekend was one of the bad streaks.

Syd had one of her worst melt-downs yet.  I made the HUGE mistake of allowing her to have her paci outside of her crib this AM in an effort to keep her quiet while Royce slept (he got home at 3 AM) but then the rest of the day was a complete paci-battle.  She wanted it the.entire.day.  We had a birthday party in the mid-morning and I tucked it in my pocket ‘just in-case’ like I almost always do in public situations because I can’t stand it when kids flip-out in public (one would think now that I’m a mom I wouldn’t care but I do…one shopping trip on a Friday and this kid was screaming his head off in the Ann Taylor dressing room while his Mommy tried on clothes was one hell of a quick way to ruin my kid-free-day-off to shop).  Of course she was a complete crab-ass at the party so she pretty much clutched to her doggie and sucked on her paci the entire time.  It didn’t help that she is to young to know to ‘share’ and all the older kids kept taking  toys away that she was occupied with which resulted it melt-downs even with the paci near by.  An early nap and some late afternoon park action seemed to do some good for her crabby mood.   But then at 6pm all hell broke loose. She wanted her paci (which was in her crib where it always is) and she wanted it NOW.  I closed the door to her room and she screamed outside it for quite a while; even though I used most of my clown tactics (singing, dancing, coloring, reading) to assuage her anxiety.  She finally simmered down (after 1-hour of sweat inducing crying) enough to actually laugh in her bath.

Of course I could have just given in and given her the damn paci and made my night 99.9% easier but I didn’t give in do to the principle of it; I fear if she senses weakness she will monopolize on it. Does that make me insane?


Angry Paci-Addict

The weather here isn’t helping. This cold dreary rainy endless winter has got to end. We have made the most of it with activities and even signing up for a class at The Little Gym; but no matter how you cut it being cooped up makes weekends very long.


Weekend Coloring


Weekend Finger Painting


Weekend 'rice' box playing


Weekend Tu-Tu Silly.


Weekend Sidewalk Chalk


Weekend Condiment Organization


Weekend Laundry dis-Organization


Weekend Balance Beam

We did have two visitors come and entertain us for a while. Uncle Dain and Uncle Artie came to run the National Marathon with Royce (they all ran the half). It was a fun weekend spent with two of my favorite guests. And I think I captured one of my all time favorite photos of Sydney and her Dad when we all took a trip to the National Portrait Gallery.


Reaching out for Dada

We found out last week that Syd still has fluid in her ears.  Royce has spent some time researching pediatric ENTs in the area and has a couple of appointments set up for next week.  Hopefully we can get her in and the procedure done sooner rather than later as I’m a bit concerned on her lack of language at this point.  We met a 14 month old at the park today that talked circles around Sydney.

That’s enough for now…there are lots more pictures up on Flickr so go over and check them out!


  1. Make sure you get a hearing test done before & after the ear tube surgery (if you go that route). My 15 mo. old has very few words right now … I’m not sure if it’s her, her hearing or the fact that she’s a third child (the older two do all the talking for her). My #1 daughter had full-on sentences at 18 mo., so of course I compare #3 to #1! But, developmentally #3 is right on track with her skills.

    Good luck!

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