morning:noon:night :: 3

This weekend was at the far opposite of last weekend.  Royce worked both Saturday and Sunday, and Syd was back to her angry self (teething I suppose?  or maybe she just hates us, our house, our life).    I made the best of it today.  Started off with some early grocery shopping; Syd had no tolerance for dilly-dallying but I got it all done.  (Side note — I’m eternally grateful for Trader Joe’s who opens at 8 AM on a SUNDAY).  We then went to the park (I got another video of some slide action), and then back home for lunch and then some noon-time laundry.  Blessed nap-time came early today.  Mama was on a short string, and Syd had no intentions of backing down on the crying.  Royce got home at 3:00 and after a short run together he continued to the park with Syd so that I could have some alone time at home.  I spent my time cooking dinner and revealing in the fact that cooking is about 110% more enjoyable when you don’t have someone screaming at your feet.  5:30 rolled around and the Dad and his Monster-child were back; alone time was over and crying was the new serenade to this chefs background.  I finally got her to calm down after 15-mins alone/cry time in her crib and some soft reading before dinner.  She gobbled up the Drunken Noodles I made (favorite Thai dish of all time!) and then it was nearly time for bath.  Our nightly ritual of wrestling her in her diaper and pajamas was nothing new to us, but it completes the picture of my day.  I am neither rested or ready to face my Monday but it will come tomorrow whether I want it or not; that is certain.


  1. Hang in there, Julie! As much as I complain about Liam’s terrible two’s, one thing that is going much more smoothly now is dinner. Tonight we fed him some leftovers, then James cooked tacos, and we ate our dinner while Liam played on the floor. Whenever he came over to ask me to play, I told him mommy was eating, and he’d go back to playing. He even climbed up on the couch next to me at one point. A few months ago I couldn’t imagine that kind of scenario. And six months ago he would scream at my feet if I even attempted cooking. It’ll get better…I promise!

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