My vacation sponsors


Vacation made possible by PeptoBismol, Imodium, and Zofran

Even a non-medical person could probably figure out these aren’t drugs that normal people consume on a beach and golf vacation.  I did have 2 good days, the day we arrived and the day we left.  All the days in between were filled with nausea, vomiting and topped off with a remarkable amount of diarrhea.   I can say that I got plenty of rest.  Much more rest than I would have had if I was sick at home while taking care of a spirited 15-month old.  At least my hotel room was sunny, comfortable and equipped with a nice bathroom.  And I brought plenty of good books (and even bought a few at a local Borders that was going out of business in Sarasota) to keep me entertained.  I laid in bed, sat on our balcony, lounged by the pool and even ventured to the beach in between visits to the bathroom.

Siesta Key Beach

Napping in the sand

One afternoon of golf was spent laying in the car trying to not throw-up, but by our second round a few days later I was feeling better and even managed to play a decent game.  Due to the GI bug I didn’t get to experience the typical culinary adventures standard to our vacations as I was on a limited diet of bread, crackers and water.  I did manage to eat a few yogurts and when we ate out our last night I managed a plain baked potato.  I also discovered that black tea is a nice fill-in for coffee when one is too sick to drink strong coffee.  I’m too addicted to morning caffeine to go cold-turkey but the black tea filled in nicely with no GI side-effects.

View from hotel balcony

Even though it wasn’t the dream vacation of all vacations it still fit the purpose of getting me relaxed, recouped and reset. I’ve given up searching for perfection…this trip was far from it, but it will do!


  1. oh no. hate hate hate getting sick on vacation.

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