A wee sewing update

I haven’t sewed much this winter.  My space isn’t heated and it gets cold fast. It’s also directly under Sydney’s bedroom which hinders me from fiddling during her light-sleep nap-time.  I’ve had a few projects here and there that I’ve fiddled with, though my last big project was the dress I did for Sydney’s 1-year photo shoot.

First up was a tu-tu for a friend whose family of 3 became a family of 4 over the holidays.  I think it’s very important to give gifts to both children when visiting the arrival of a #2 so that no one feels left out.  This was super simple to make by basting a few layers of tulle, gathering them up, sewing them together and then attaching them to some ribbon.  I ran a piece of elastic through the ribbon so we have a wee bit of room for growth too.

Big sister tu-tu

I’ve also been hard at work on some slings.  Whenever I use mine with Syd I get lots of requests.  I hope to post a tutorial on how I make my slings soon.

And Friday night while Royce was sleeping in preparation for his 11pm shift I made Sydney a wee tiny purse to carry around.  She has a few ‘purses’ at day care that she totes around so I thought she may want one for home.  I just traced out a shape and went with it.  I added some pleating detail to the front and lined it entirely.  And since I have so much tulle lying around this purse got some much-needed purse bling so common these days on the run-ways.

Syd's purse

I can't find my cell phone Mama.

A few days ago I ordered a bunch of fabric online with hopes that it would inspire me to make things during any random down-time if I already had all the items ready-at-hand.  It worked!  I put together this skirt for Syd yesterday out of a yummy baby wale corduroy.  I used the super simple pattern for the Sailboat skirt from Oliver + S.   And thanks to a comment I read somewhere from another sewer I just used the same thread I used for the top-stitching to sew the entire garment together (tsk-tsk I know for not using matching thread for the seams…but there is nothing more I hate than switching thread all the time!).  This style isn’t the most flattering for Syds body type (ahem; big belly) but oh well…it’s still super cute anyways!  This pattern goes up to a 3T so it will be making a repeat appearance as she grows. I may even try my wits at the top someday too!

Skirts with cherries are cool.

Lastly, I was feeling a bit guilty that I had made 2 big sister tu-tus and hadn’t yet made one for Sydney so I threw one together for her last night.  I used a satin ribbon for this one and learned my lesson…stick with the grosgrain…it’s easier to sew!

Syd's first tu-tu

I finally upgrade my camera to the Nikon D90 and I’m in love love LOVE.  It’s so much better than my D40, but I’m glad I didn’t start with the D90 because I think it’s too overwhelming for a starter DSLR.  I’ve been taking lots of pictures this weekend so go to Flickr and check them out.


  1. Very nice! I have to find some time this spring to figure out how to make crib sheets etc for baby’s room. I even have all the fabric. Just have to finish my trial … and the appeal on another case … and getting familiar/sucking up to the big client I’m going to start working on. Oh well, somewhere in there I’ll figure it out!

    Glad you’re liking your D90. I live mine too! And I’m very impressed with how nicely Syd lets you take her picture. Seems I can only take Jake’s picture when he’s distracted. If he sees what I’m doing he immediately grabs for my camera and ruins any kind of picture:(

    • Well the good news is that crib sheets are just big geometric cut outs that go together with straight stitches in straight lines. The hardest/fussiest part is making the casing for the elastic. After my lazy attempt at buying store-bought sheets that hastily ripped I’m going to be sewing up a few more of my own here soon too!

      Hopefully you will find some time soon. Although Royce isn’t around much in the evenings/weekends to help at least when he is (or when Syd is sleeping) I get to focus my time ‘off’ in the evenings and weekends on fun things and not work. Then again that’s why I get paid a federal salary too….trade-offs!

  2. Love them – super cute purse and skirt, especially love the buttons on the sides. Love the ‘Big Sis Tutu’ – such a sweet idea!

  3. Bernadette says:

    ACK! That purse is darling!!!

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