Thawing out

A medium-sized snow storm (everything is piddly now compared to 2010’s Snowpocalypse) hit on Wednesday and all hell broke loose here in DC.  We got rain, then sleet, then about 8-10 inches of snow and it hit right at rush hour.  Traffic was at a total standstill with some people having 8 hour commutes home.  Of course with true Pepco style our power went out at 7 PM that night.  For those of you keeping track we lost it for 68 hours back in July, 24 hours in August and this recent storm was 50 hours for a whopping total of nearly 6 days without power within 6 months.

Reflecting on the inconvenience I still think if I had to choose I would say loosing power in the winter may be better than the summer.  There is something just so miserable about trying to sleep in a stifling hot-house with the noise of traffic and sirens blaring in your ear.  Although it was cold; the temp got down in 50 degrees in the house; we managed well in the evening  by pumping our fireplace full of wood and getting cozy on the couch.  The mornings were the worst…the house was SO cold and the bed so very warm.  We didn’t start fires in the morning because that would require us to stay home until they died out.

Urban Camping: making coffee

Syd did well through the ordeal and other than our house being cold and her not getting a bath (we did have hot water but no warm place to go after her bath) our nights weren’t much different.   We cooked, read (by head-lamp light) and played by fire-light.  We dressed her at all times in multiple layers and she did great.  She also slept well, even with her pneumonia (we on the other hand got to listen to her cough…a lot…something we aren’t used to hearing with the typical whir of a furnace and white noise machines).  She was quite entertained with our headlamps.  They were even more fun at night when she could play with the light.

Extreme explorer baby

Needless to say we are thinking of investing in a generator.  I want a natural gas generator that automatically comes on when the power goes out.   They come in a range of prices that can power your entire house (silly) to powering just the basics (sane).  If I had my druthers I would have one that operated our furnace blower, ceiling fans in the bedrooms, the attic fan and the entire kitchen (especially the fridge and oven).  The rest of the stuff is just ‘nice’.  I can live without air conditioning, lights, TV or a computer for a week.  It’s the air circulation, heat and throwing away good food that gets me each time this happens.  Royce wants to buy a cheap gas-powered generator which would probably do just as good as my more expensive natural gas generator, but then he would have to be home each time the power went out so that he could lug it out, fill it up, and hook everything into it….and we know the odds of that happening are slim to none.


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