Winters are so very long…

I remember when I used to love snow and winter and being cooped up for months in my house wearing fleece and eating chili.  I remember those times fondly.  Now I hate winter. I hate winter colds, and winter school delays and cancellations.  And I hate cold long winter days cooped up inside with a 14-month old who is too young to stay outside in the bitter cold for long and can’t really play in snow.   I’m also at a loss for creative indoor activities for this age group. She really can’t color (well she can but it ends typically in complete frustration), or do other crafts…I tried building an obstacle course with our sofa cushions but she isn’t a climber.  She was happy for a reasonable amount of time playing with bubbles.  But really…ideas? Anyone? Help!

After last weeks 3-day weekend I learned my lesson and planned activities for this weekend since Royce was working.  The highlight was visiting my friend Amanda and her son Liam.  Since Amanda is a stay-at-home mom she has a virtual day-care in her basement. Loads of toys…new toys…that Syd got to play with.  Good times!  It was also nice to chat and catch up with a friend even if we were herding our kids the entire time.


Sydney on the move @ Amanda's


When we came home in the afternoon though Syd spiked a fever (103 rectal really?  seesh) and was crabby and listless all night long.  Poor little thing just sat in her bathtub and stared at the wall during bath-time and had the shivers so bad she couldn’t hold her bottle at bedtime.  I have no idea what was wrong with her…we dosed Ibuprofen and Tylenol and that seemed to do the trick because she woke up fine.   Have I said that I’m tired of winter colds?  Ugh.

Speaking of colds…I’ve been ‘battling’ one myself for almost 2 weeks now.  The congestion has broken but I’m still breathing fire and blowing out a lot of gunk.

I’m ready for spring!  Thankfully, we have Grandma coming in a few weeks to watch Syd so that we can escape to Florida for a CME conference for Royce.  It’s just the break this over-worked, sick mama needs!


  1. mandysmusings says:

    We had a great time Saturday, too! Thankfully Liam doesn’t mind sharing his toys — he’s only possessive of his snack cup, lol. And I think I ended up with Sydney’s cold this week, or she ended up with mine. Fevers suck! I’ve had it with colds this winter, too! Assuming we’re all well by the weekend, we’ve got this Saturday free again, so let me know if you want to get together again.

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