2010 year in review

I’m bored and have nothing else to do so you guys get your first ever ‘year in review’ post.

Click to see "Best of 2010"

2010 was busy!  Even just going through the photos choosing ones which chronicled our year reminded me how much things have changed for us in 365 days.  Syd went from being a teeny babe with no will power to a cute, but stubborn, toddler.  In between was sitting-up, solid foods, crawling, sippy cups, walking and signing.  We went to art galleries, the Iowa State fair, a political rally and Syds favorite place…outdoors!  There was snow and more snow…there was swimming and swings.  There was bath-time and football-time.  She flew to Iowa, Missouri and Chicago.

We have lots to do in 2011… which is staring off with a bang tomorrow with a football party with friends.  We have trips planned to Hilton Head and Minnesota with a few others in between.  We have a busy year ahead already, I never know how we fit it all in.


  1. I’m a softie for the picture of her and dog sitting at the window. I think I started reading your blog right after you made your nursery bedding. How time flies! Glad Amanda sent me a link!

    • midwestkids says:

      Aw! yes Syd and Charlie can sit at that front door for HOURS watching the world pass them by. It’s perfect entertainment if Royce is out doing yard work. That new storm door was worth every penny! Thanks for reading as always…I enjoy reading about your adventures too!

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