Holiday Photos

I uploaded our Christmas photos this evening! It’s best if you go to the 13-18 month set and click-through the progression.  When I upload things from Photoshop it always sends them backwards so my ‘photostream’ never shows the best logical viewing order.  I can flip the order within a set though.

We had a fun quiet day.  We opened presents in the morning, went for a walk to a friend’s house in the mid-day and had my friend Kim over for Christmas dinner.  It was a cozy day.  I didn’t miss the hub-bub of traveling especially given the weather that stranded so many out east this year.

Anyways enjoy! I had fun fiddling with my new camera lens.  Mama wants a new camera to make my new lens even more powerful.  Maybe sometime soon I’ll treat myself.


Syd's Rockin' Moose


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