Merry Christmas!

I’m about as far away from the holiday spirit as one could get. I blame it on this past month which has exhausted both me and Royce.  I had to keep telling myself that today was Christmas Eve; and I needed to finish wrapping presents and make a pecan pie.

2010 Christmas Card

Usually I love Christmas; and it’s strange but the last two years I’ve found myself to be too busy to be bothered with it.  I barely have the time to shop for myself much less be inspired to shop for anyone else.   It doesn’t help that Royce always works this holiday and half the time we spend it alone.  This is one of those ‘alone’ years.  Bah Humbug.  I get so jealous of those with big families that make a huge deal out of the holidays.  I yearn to be a part of that, yet I know that will never be the case.  Royce is a doctor and will always work and our family lives far away and doesn’t feel like traveling anymore than we do during this time of year.

I do know that Sydney, because of Daddy’s schedule, will get to spend almost all her Christmases at home, unlike I me as a child…and that is really important to me.  I hope as she gets older we can create our own memories here with whomever decides to join us.

2010 Christmas card


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